Here’s a strange but possible idea:

Let’s say you are taking the trip of a lifetime but you want to enjoy the trip. You don’t want to worry about taking pictures but you want really nice pictures of your trip. Well…We can go on the trip with you as your personal, professional photographer. How cool would that be?

Let’s say you want a web site and need photos taken for the web site we are going to build. No problem!

We’ll take your pictures, edit them and get them on your web site in pristine shape. How can we do that? Our background knowledge came from doing wedding photography and videography many years ago. We know what looks right and what doesn’t.

And we really know what we are doing when it comes to photos. We use a professional Nikon Digital SLR camera.

We are located in the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan area and can service a 25 mile range.

  • Voice Mail / FAX: (206) 984-9538
  • Voice: (747) 999-5537
Mooney 201 Instrument Panel
Mooney 201 Instrument Panel

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