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How did we get our name? Scroll down for that but first, a special announcement!

I hiked the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2021

2021 was “My Year” to hike the AT. I put my 2020 ATC reservation number on my 2020 tag AND added my 2021 ATC reservation number on my tag as well.  Hike on!


After getting on trail at Amicalola Falls State Park, I proceeded to hike several days. During that time, I did some serious soul searching and decided that at this time in my life, my priority had to be taking care of things at home vs. being gone for up to six months away from friends and family. Of course I would make tons of new friends on trail but I felt a calling home. The videos I made on trail turned out great and show a lot of the trail. I would have liked to have done many more.

I think the AT will draw me back in the future for shorter hikes but a full on thru hike in one year is not going to work for me. I’m also planning on doing some shorter backpacking trips closer to home with friends and family and I’ll be vlogging those trails when it happens. In the meantime, here is a stat you can think about: Of all the people who begin a thru hike, only about 19% actually complete their hike (2020 data). That percentage has been going down during the last 15 years.

The Appalachian Trail is HARD!!! Most of the time, it seems like you are going up and a lot of the time, it is a steep up. I found that I enjoyed going down much more simply because I could get my breath. Yes, the knees would hurt but at least I could breath normally. The trail also tears up shoes. In the few days I hiked, the toe flap in the front of both shoes was coming unglued and other areas of the shoes were showing signs of wear. You are constantly getting your shoes caught on rocks and roots. So for anyone out there who is contemplating hiking the Appalachian Trail, be aware that it will probably be harder than anything you have ever done before right out of the gate.  I hope you enjoy my Vlog of my AT hike.

What kind of backpacking gear do you need to make a long distance hike? Here is a link to my Backpacking Gear.

#appalachian trail hang tag

#appalachian trail tag

2020 AT Thru-Hiker Tag
Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Hang Tag

And now…How we got our name:

A long time ago, a friend and I were driving home from a week at the Oshkosh Airventure. We started talking about various business ideas and we decided that when people needed to learn or find out about a topic, we could do the research for them, formulate it into some kind of report and then give it to them. The term for the person who provides that service is an “Information Broker”. I got to thinking and all the data we would be researching was “loose data” kind of floating around out there on the web so that is why I formed the company, Loose Data Research LLC. I will still do research for those who need it. Just use the Contact menu drop down above to request our service.

My background is electrical engineering, business and technology management. I have been working with personal computers since they came out. I specialize in PC’s and not Mac’s.

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