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This is a
Lost River Trout

We are sad to inform you that Lost River Trout has been sold and is no longer selling trout or trout eggs

Aerial View of the entire Lost River Trout Ranch
Aerial View of Lost River Trout Ranch in Mackay, Idaho
Sun Valley, Idaho is located just across the mountain range at the top of the picture

Lost River Trout was established in 1975 by Dick Smith. He began farming when he was 14 years old, experience that would prove valuable later on in his life. After going to college to get his business administration degree, Dick decided that running a hatchery might be a good business. He had always been interested in fish so he decided to look into property that might be available out west. He found property in Idaho that might be available and was on his way to Boise to look at the property but just happened to stop in the Sun Valley, Idaho area to look around. As chance would have it, he heard about some property available in that area, took a look at it and the rest is history.
The success of his business has not been without sorrow and hard work. An earthquake nearly devastated the ranch and he had to completely rebuild it from the ground up. The result has been worth the trouble. Click the NEXT button to continue the story.

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