I’m hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2021

Special Announcement! Covid 19 and Corona Virus Update

Update: In March of 2020, because of the Covid-19 Corona Virus, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) recommended that anyone on the trail should get off the trail and anyone not yet started, should not start the trail to protect all the small towns near the trail. Because of this, I delayed my start until March of 2021. Now, in 2021, they are again recommending hikers to delay their hikes until 2022 and they are not handing out 2021 hang tags until the CDC declares the Pandemic over. Since there are now multiple vaccines being given and we know much more on how to deal with the virus (Ventilate, Wear a Mask, Keep a 6′ distance and wash your hands), I feel safe enough to start my thru hike in March of 2021. I continue to post new videos with thoughts and gear information prior to my start. Thank you for following me.

The strange and fortunate thing is that I was able to get a 2020 Appalachian Trail hang tag sent to me for my backpack in February 2020 prior to my hike. Little did I know how valuable my hang tag would become. I have been contacted to sell mine (no way) and the ATC announced they are not, I repeat, NOT giving out 2021 hang tags because they are again recommending hikers delay their hikes to 2022. That is not happening for me. I delayed an entire year due to the ATC recommendation in 2020 and I’m not delaying another year. For Pete’s Sake, I’m OLD now and will be older in 2022.

2021 is going to be “My Year” to hike the AT. I put my 2020 ATC reservation number on my 2020 tag AND added my 2021 ATC reservation number on my tag as well. I am hoping the ATC starts passing out 2021 hang tags by the time I get to Harpers Ferry.  Hike on!

#appalachian trail hang tag

#appalachian trail tag

I decided to have the trip of a lifetime; I was going to start my hike of the AT in March of 2020 but now I’m going to thru-hike the entire Appalachian Trail beginning in March 2021!

2020 AT Thru-Hiker Tag
AT Thru-Hiker Hang Tag

It is over 2,193 miles long stretching through 14 states from Springer Mountain in Georgia to the top of Mt. Katahdin in Maine. It will take 5,000,000 steps and I’ll go through 6 pairs of trail runner shoes.

I will be VLOGGING the entire hike on YouTube. Please subscribe to my channel and view various gear and hiking videos. If you click the little bell and click All Videos (only have to do this once) on a video page, you will be notified when I post new videos. My channel is JLDRDOTCOM and is located here: https://www.youtube.com/user/jldrdotcom

You can also follow me on Instagram with the same name: JLDRDOTCOM

Monetary Contributions – Gear and thru hiking costs money and Vlogging takes a lot of time and effort. If you enjoy my videos, consider donating. Every dollar helps. I will keep track of all donations and plan to do something special for each person who donates after my hike is complete.

PayPal Donations: https://paypal.me/JLDRDOTCOM

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I also created a Gear page of gear i will be taking on the AT. You can find the Backpacking Gear page Here. I also posted a video of all the gear I’m taking on the hike. You can view the video by clicking on the picture below:

Guess what? There are tons of Privy’s / Outhouses so you know I’ll be featuring lots of them in my VLogs.

Church Outhouse, Communication Tower Outhouse, Fish Dam Outhouses revisited in 2020 and compared to photos taken around 1997

I took a drive across the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan in 1997 and took lots of pictures of Outhouses. In September of 2020, I took the same drive across the UP and discovered that most of the Outhouses that I took pictures of in 1997 were no longer there. I did find three that were remaining where I stopped and took updated pictures.  Here is the page showing them.

George Borum Outhouse Sketches

George Borum (1913-2012) from Centralia, Illinois, was a man of many talents. He was a sign painter, calligrapher, auctioneer, carver, and a tramp art artist to name a few. To Mickie H., he was a priviologist, an outhouse expert. Mickie and George got acquainted through outhouses. George wrote and illustrated “Our Vanishing Americana… The Little House Out Back”. Mickie was an outhouse collector, bought George’s book, and became penpals for years.

Outhouse Shed

Mickie sent me many of the original sketches that George Borum sent to him. They are all pages out of his sketch book and signed.  I think you will enjoy these pictures. You can read more about them and see all of them on the page dedicated to George Borum. They are under the Drawings and Sketches category in the tour.

Victor Hayes Outhouse Art

Comment from a visitor about the shirt his pictures are on…

I met Victor Hayes probably about the time he drew the outhouses that were on the t-shirt. I was a high school kid from Grand Rapids, MI. My parents were teachers and we lived in Elk Rapids during the summer.I don’t remember where he lived in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, but he rented a tiny white cabin, across from the Elk Rapids Golf Club, for the Summer. He would sit outside his tiny cabin and paint. He had his art displayed, for sale. I think he rented that same little cabin for multiple years.

He was known to be kind of a jerk. If a golfer hit a ball across the street, and near into the little cabin resort, Victor would grab it and wouldn’t give it back.

I somehow got hold of him and made an appointment to meet him. I was hoping to get some advice and encouragement. I wanted to be an artist (I ended up not a painter, but a graphic designer). I don’t remember what he told me (or didn’t tell me), but I remember going back to our cottage and telling my mom that he wasn’t encouraging and that he was kind of a grump. He wasn’t very nice.

A few years later I heard that he died in a car accident. He used to drive an old Chevy Impala. I think it was a ’64. It was copper color or medium brown metallic.

That’s my memory of Victor Hayes. I liked his art, he did a lot of fall-color landscapes in watercolor. He was a good artist, but not such a nice guy.

Regards, Brek R.

Many talented people visit The Outhouses of America Tour web site. Missy has an incredible talent for creating images. Above is an example of her work. Her twitter is @MLSterling11 if you need any work done.

Have you ever wondered what someone would do with an Outhouse Seat? How about a 3-Holer seat used as a bed headboard?

Read the article 

Sweden’s Ureddplassen Rest Stop Outhouse

Swedens Ureddplassen Rest Stop Outhouse
Swedens Ureddplassen Rest Stop Outhouse

My friends and relatives are always thinking of me. These POOP MINTS are a gift from a caring friend!

Idaho Moose Poop Mints
Idaho Moose Poop Mints






The featured outhouse shown on the home page was found by the Outhouses of America curator while in the Alaska bush in 2016. He was flown into the bush by a local pilot in an old Cessna 170 tail dragger that had huge bush tires.

This particular outhouse was build by a real bush person who lives by himself. He has a cabin, sauna and this outhouse. Saunas are commonly used to bathe and are heated with wood. We opened the door of the outhouse and inside was a hornets nest right above the seat. It might be best to remove the nest before sitting!

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