These girls are the world-famous WhatAbouts. If you ever plan an event and want some fun entertainment, you need to book them!

This picture of the girls is with a car named “Ruby”.
I took the picture at the Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Onsted,  Michigan.
-Tom and Velma Smathers



I think your group is FABULOUS!!!


A lot of my co-workers are still talking about it …..
thanks to you and your girls…
the retirement party was the best ever!!!!
– Susanne



I really enjoyed the WhatAbout show. They were
very professional and you could tell they were having
fun singing and dancing to the oldies. If you haven’t
seen them in the past, come and experience a fun
evening with three entertaining women!
– Pat Pociask

I watched the WhatAbouts perform at the Woodward
Dream Cruise in August 2008 and again a few
months later and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy
listening to them and seeing them perform. It is a
lot of fun and brings back many memories of songs
being played when I was a little younger than I am now.

– John Loose

We had the pleasure of The WhatAbouts entertain at our
annual Cody High 50 & 60 picnic. They were great
Kelly,Deb, Suzy adjusted their program to sing our
fight song ACapella and a version of Star Spangled Banner.
We hope to book them again this year!


The Whatabouts are so much fun!

After enjoying their great 60’s singing and light-hearted
entertainment, we knew we had to have them at our
wedding celebration. They absolutely made the day!
Everyone loved them and so will you! They will have
you moving and grooving and tapping your feet.

-Robin & Michael Gerhard

Be prepared for a trip in the time machine, a sweet
trip to the days of rhythm and soul. The WhatAbouts
are a hit in my book. This is entertainment for the
whole family. You don’t want to miss it!

-Tim Wheeler

I thought that the WhatAbouts were very entertaining;
they looked like they were having fun. They were
very friendly young ladies and cute. I felt like I was
back in school again. The talking in-between songs
was comical and it was family oriented.


Harmonious trio that delivers fun music reminiscent of
a blast from the past.

– Carol


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