I used to belong to a Fish and Game Club in New Hampshire and they have a lot of ranges to shoot at. Upon investigation, I found they have constructed a very unique outhouse. In the front, there are two openings; One labeled "Setters" and one labeled "Pointers". It was all done to honor hunting dogs I'm sure! The wall separating the Men and Ladies is pretty thin so it can get pretty interesting at times... I used this one and as I looked down into the hole, light was streaming in from the side where the base of the outhouse contacts the ground. I guess you could say this one is not very sealed. Lots of people have mentioned finding snakes and other critters in the holes of outhouses and this is the way they get in.

On the side is a large sink that at one time I'm sure was usable. Green moss now grows on it but it sure looks good attached to the side of the outhouse. The view of the back shows an interesting feature of this outhouse. There is an old rusted steel drum leaning up against it and if you look closely, you'll see hundreds of bullet holes in it. I'm hoping they moved it there AFTER the shooting was done!