This outhouse is located West of Jackson Hole, WY and heading west out of Victor, ID toward "Pine Creek Pass. It is definitely usable and there was toilet paper visible between the two vertical pieces of wood in front of the door opening.

This outhouse was unusual in that it did not really have a door. The opening was wide open but protected by the make-shift fence of wood in front of it. You just had to go around the fence to use it. I found the design to be quite interesting and rather unique. The native grasses were quite high but they helped to camouflage the opening.

This was another wonderful sunny day with bright blue skies. We had just had milk shakes at the first town outside of Jackson Hole after going through the mountain pass. I saw the outhouse from the main road and had to turn around to take the picture. There were thistles near where I took the picture with purple blooms and bees flying around the blooms. I also took a picture of one the blooms and it turned out quite nicely.