This outhouse was found by my Mom's hairdresser. It was taken in Northern Michigan on the N. Lake corner on Murphy Road (wherever that is!). She knows about the Outhouse Tour and when she saw the outhouse in a field near some homes, she came to a screeching halt and bolted out of the car to take these pictures!

This outhouse features a bunch of bricks. Have you ever heard the term "She is built like a brick shit house!" before? Well, guess where they got that phrase from? I guess brick outhouses were built to last as long as the sands of time. One unique feature of this brick outhouse is the seat inside. It too is built on TOP of a brick platform. Now that is unusual. I have never seen one like it before. We can't see the door so we don't know if there was a moon cut out of it but we can be reasonably assured that it was not made out of bricks! This outhouse features "air conditioning"!