This outhouse was found by my Mom's hairdresser. It is located by the town of Millington, Michigan on E. Millington Road. She knows about the Outhouse Tour and when she saw the outhouse in a field near some homes, she came to a screeching halt and bolted out of the car to take these pictures!

The unique feature about this outhouse is the Tin Roof. I wonder if "Tin Roof" ice cream was named after this one? Even thought the outhouse is in disrepair, the roof is in great shape! If you look closely, you can see there are lots of vines on one side to shield the outhouse from someone looking. In a few more weeks, it would have been hidden from view. I left the trees in the image so you could see some perspective in the way of sizes. It appears that there is a window on the side with the vines. Look closely and you will see it.