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You and the OUTHOUSES of AMERICA TOUR have been selected to receive the coveted CMA {CRESCENT MOON AWARD} for 2005. The CMA is presented to one for their contributions and efforts in promoting and preserving the outhouse "with dignity".

The CMA has been presented every year, beginning in 1992 at the "GREAT OUTHOUSE BLOWOUT". Hosted by Historic Penn's Store (America's oldest country store in ownership and operation by the same family), the 2005 G.O.B. will be held Saturday, OCTOBER 1, 2005 beginning at 10 am. at Historic Penn's Store ... 3 miles southeast of Gravel Switch, Kentucky.
Best Humor Site in the 'Bizarre' section You have won an award for Best Humor Site in the 'Bizarre' section of our site!
You may have to use Internet Explorer to view this page. This web site has some very bazarre pages linked out. Check some of them out but don't forget to come back to the Outhouses of America Tour.
Northern Michigan Pick of the Week - January 2000 - The 1st Pick of the year 2000! Congratulations on having a page selected as the latest Northern Michigan Site of the Week.
They say that on the Internet, you can find a page about anything. Looking at our first pick of 2000, you would have to agree with them. It's a very long page loaded with photos from Northern Michigan's strangest winter race (you may want to visit your outhouse while it loads). Forget skis, snowmobiles, snowboards and the like. In Trenary (located 19 miles north of Gladstone in the UP), they're racing outhouses! The site was prepared by (no joke) "John", who also operates the Outhouse Tour. Resisting the urge to make any more outhouse cracks, we'll just tell you to...
Computer Credible Magazine The Outhouses of America Tour made one of the Internet Hot Spots March 1999 picks. Each issue, HotSpots takes a look at Internet sites that are attracting visitors by the millions. Here is what it said about the Outhouses of America Tour...
The Outhouses of America Tour provides us a little comic relief in our browsing. This site shows pictures from the annual outhouse races from Trenary, Michigan. Dozens of outhouses are shown (color photos). From the Canadian poop deck, to the flower potty, you’ll be amazed by the colorful outhouses. Some, like the telephone booth outhouse, seemed impractical, while others, like the scratch ‘n’ sniff outhouse, were simply unbelievable. Like the site says, if you’re in a hurry to go, select the outhouse of your choice.
The Outhouses of America Tour was featured in the Spring 1998 edition of the magazine Country Collectibles on Page 40. Look for a copy at your favorite book store, newstand or your local public library.
Congradulations! Your website has just recieved the Yorick's Pig's Ear Award! A link to your site has been created at our Winners Hall of Fame page. We hope you are as happy to receive the Yorick's Pig's Ear Award as we are to give it to you.
My name is Riff. I do a daily segment on 'The Steve Cochran Radio Show" , on WMVP AM 1000, Here in Chicago called "Riff's Web site of the day". I have made an award for the Sites I have talked about on the air.. AND YOUR SITE IS ONE OF THEM! On Feb 27, 1997 Your site was chosen and talked about ON THE AIR! WMVP reaches 38 states and Canada! I have put a PERMANENT link to your page on my page, Under Past Web Sites. CONGRATS!
We liked your site, and wanted to share it with our audience. We're Seven Wonders, and we awarded your site as the Humor and the Unusual Site of the Week on March 16th, 1998.
My Web Site has been picked as one of "Mac's Picks of the Week".
The site picked is "What A View" at
"Mac's Picks of the Week" is a labor of love; a page which recommends sites I have found after searching the net for interesting, useful, and just plain fun sites to visit. It is published each Wednesday morning (New Zealand time, which is GMT plus 12 hours). Your site is featured the week of January 7, 1998.
Congrats! Your site won the Gray Areas On The Net Award. It's a brand new award given out by Gray Areas Magazine to the best sites on the net containing gray content.
You have a terrific site and we appreciate the hard work you do to maintain it.
Netta Gilboa, President
Gray Areas, Inc.
I don't quite know how to describe the Gray Area web site. I won the award for January 24, 1998. If you have a lot of time and a lot of imagination, check out their entire web site. It is quite unique!
Country Collectibles Magazine features
The Outhouse Tour (Spring 1998 Edition)
Did you know that "Outhouses Are In?" On page 38 you can enter the strange world of outhouse collectors and get ideas on starting a collection of your own. The Outhouses of America Tour is mentioned on page 40.
Yahoo!'s Pick of the Week (3-10-97)Okay, here's the poop on the next site: There have been plenty of movements in architecture, but none so utilitarian as the outhouse. Number one, it's practical. Number two, it's something everyone can relate to. So, we offer you Outhouses of America. Frankly, we're flushed with excitement. While perusing photographs, commentary, trivia, and folklore, we learned that there is a two story outhouse in Oran, Iowa - a daring experiment that previously we hadn't been privy to.
USA Today! USA Today actually picked my site for one of it's awards. Take a quick visit to their site to check out other winners.
Congratulations, your outhouse page has been awarded the prestigous
"Bob's Groovy Napkin Award" for extreme grooviness in a web page.


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