How can Loose Data Research LLC help you?

     Loose Data Research LLC is located in the northern Detroit metro area.
We service the cities of Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy and others upon request.
We have over 30 years of computer hardware and software experience.

With so many people using digital cameras, years of photos can be wiped out with a single hard drive crash. Don't let that be you!
We will backup your years of digital photos and store them off site.

    I can't stress this enough. My sister had over three years of family digital photos on her home computer. The hard drive crashed and she lost ALL of them. All pictures are priceless so losing them can be heartbreaking.
    Let us do two things for you:
        1) Show you how to arrange your digital photos in a logical and easy-to-use way.
        2) Back up all your digital photos and store them off site for you.

     Here are some of the services we can offer:
  • Computer data backup and restoration
    (We will come to your home and backup your digital pictures and data for you. If you ever have a problem, we will be able to restore your computer to the point that the backup was taken. Keep in mind that data changes often so regular backups are necessary for you to recover from a crash completely.)
  • Off-site data backup storage
    (Once the data is backed up, the backup will be stored off site in a fire resistant vault)
  • Basic Personal or Business Web sites
    (take a look at some of the web sites we have built below)
  • Web site review for concentric design and usability
    (Is your current web site designed with the user in mind or is it just plain hard to use and navigate through?)
  • Photography services for the web site including photo editing
    (Web sites have photos in them. We can take high quality pictures and then optimize the image for quicker web site loading)
  • Personal Computer tutoring
    (Have some software that is giving you fits? Need help with Microsoft Office? We can help.)
  • Secure Wireless Network setup and repair
    (Many people have hooked up their own wireless networks but they are unsecured. That allows the neighbors or strangers to use your network. We can secure your network so only you can use it.)
  • Resume writing and review
    (Out of work? Want to make your current resume better? We will interview you and then either create a new resume or make your current one better.)
  • Other services possible upon request.
Here are examples of web sites that we have built:
    Loose Data Research LLC
    An on-line store that we built
    This is a web site we built for a couple who rents out their mansion (Multiple domain names point to it).
    This is a web site we built for a group that sings songs from the 60's.
    This is a web site we built for a "green" company (Multiple domain names point to it).
    This is a web site we built for a radio station.
    This is a web site we built for an Idaho ranch that breeds and sells Trout.

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