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Quite A Lineup At Oshkosh
Photo by J. Loose
I try to go to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) annual convention at Oshkosh, Wisconsin as often as I can. Each year hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of airplanes of all sizes and types converge on Oshkosh during the last weekend of July. With that many people, things could get a bit out of hand if there were not enough bathrooms.
An outhouse (porta john in this case) is always close by. In fact, they are lined up next to each other and they make quite a row. I snapped this picture while waiting to go. The people are behind me. Believe it or not, the people are quite patient and courteous. They even have some of these set out under the trees near the runways.
There are over 150 rows of airplanes parked on either side of one runway alone. Many people set up a tent next to their airplane and camp there for a week. Some of them drape a tarp over the wings and form a tent that way. Needless to say, those portable outhouses really get a workout during the week.
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