BSA Outhouses
A BSA Outhouse in the Woods
A BSA Outhouse in the Woods
Photo from D. Jones (Used by permission)
  The contributor found one Philmont Outhouse Photo - Pilot to Bombardier style. Evidently, the BSA organization camp doesn't have running water bathrooms and opts for roughing-it-in-the-woods style outhouses. I must say, this is really roughing it. I kind of like a little privacy! That's Gary, another adult advisor, shaking his spider stick in the air. It was best to rumble a stick around the rim before being seated to chase away the black widows which frequent the underside of the seat. Or we could say he looks like he's holding up his toothbrush! Take care to watch for the spiders... Sounds funny, but I did meet someone from another crew that was "bitten".

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