Black Duck, Minnesota Camp Outhouses

Popular Tree Framed Leaning OuthouseA Chevy Blazer Outhouse
Popular Tree Framed Leaning Outhouse
Photo by M. Stein
A Chevy Blazer Outhouse
Photo by M. Stein
These are some photo's that one of my web site visitor's sent me. The left outhouse was built about 15 years ago. He and a couple of his hunting partners threw this thing together. They accidentally left the 2x4's and the skill saw at home so they used small poplar trees for the frame. They used a chain saw to cut everything.
Both outhouses are usable, but the old one has a little odor to it and leans to the back for it has fallen into the hole a little. The moss on the frame gives it character.
In the right photo, the new outhouse was not yet complete. The top is from a Chevy Blazer. They figured it would let in a great deal of light and would never have to be re-roofed.
They are located about 16 mi NE of Black Duck, Minnesota
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