Feakes Sky Crapper

Side View showing the climb to the Sky Crapper
Side View showing the climb to the Sky Crapper
Photo by Paul Green
Full frontal view of the Sky Crapper and Woodpile
Full frontal view of the Sky Crapper and Woodpile
Photo by Paul Green
  Spec and Stats:
Owner and Builder : Mr. Doug Feakes
Location: "Feakes Peak" in Falcon, Missouri
Outhouse Name: " Feakes Sky Crapper" Given with love and affection!
  Note: The Sky Crapper also houses a roof covered woodpile, so don't forget to bring in a stick of wood when yer out to do yer duty. And in case you ferget to close the door, its counter weighted to close automatically... It's complete with hand rails as well, in case ya drink too much moonshine... Too bad ya couldn't put a counter weight on that lid said maa.
  The two shots show the now functioning outhouse. It is built using the natural ozark oak, hand raised. Note the moon cut out on the side nailed near the peak.
  This currently is the facilities at Feakes Peak in Falcon. Doug is a ingenious man, a homesteader on 40 acres. He is a metalsmith by trade, who does ferrier work and creates the most wonderful jewelry. He travels the country gathering his own minerals. And is an avid caver! (not spelunker, cavers rescue spelunkers).
  Doug also has built a small outhouse for us in Arkansas where we also cave.
  I'm sure if some one were interested and the price was right. They too could have Doug flown in and put to work building a Sky Crapper as well.
  I hope you and yours enjoy this small escape of solitude as much as Doug and his wife Mickey have. I'm sure they have spent hours just sitting and pondering the beautiful design and architecture....
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