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Extra! Extra! Read All About Composting Toilets and The Loveable Loo®

    The Outhouses of America Tour is pleased to announce a partnership with Joseph Jenkins, Inc. They wrote The Humanure Handbook, a book about how to make and use a "Composting Toilet", and they manufacture composting toilets that can be used in your house, at your hunting camp and just about anywhere else. They call it The Loveable Loo® and they sell a completed Loveable Loo with everything you need. They also sell a Loveable Loo kit that you can put together yourself. The Loveable Loo completely makes the pit outhouse obsolete. Now we do not intend to put any outhouses out of business, however, if you could have an outhouse with NO ODOR, would that make you happy? Well now you can!
    Just so you know, when you order a complete Loveable Loo®, here is what you get:
1. The toilet itself: hemlock base (linseed oil finish), glued and screwed together, hinged 3/4" plywood top with semi-gloss polyurethane finish, with an oak style toilet seat. The toilet can be additionally painted or varnished, if desired, but can also be used as is.

2. Four green 5 gallon receptacles, with lids (shipped separately).

NOTE: They will sell you a Loveable Loo® kit without the receptacles if you have your own 15" high, 11 7/8" diameter receptacles. You save $20 plus the shipping costs of the 4 receptacles, and the kit is another $30.00 off. YOUR RECEPTACLES MUST BE THIS SIZE OR THEY WILL NOT FIT THE TOILET. They provide this option as some orders are shipped long distances and shipping costs for two large boxes can be prohibitive.

3. An instruction manual (can be read online).

4. A laminated "This is a Humanure Toilet" sign for posting by your toilet can be viewed online.

5. A copy of the Humanure handbook, 3rd edition, a $25 value (signed by the author, no less) and can also be read online.

6. A Reotemp 20" probe, backyard compost thermometer, all welded stainless steel. Every serious composter should have one of these. This tool will allow you to monitor the temperature of your compost pile.

    Learn about improvements that have been made to the Loveable Loo by viewing the video below...

    They ship the Loveable Loo® in a wooden crate thanks to UPS, which managed to destroy several of them in transit when they were shipping in padded cardboard boxes. This has raised the price a little, but you will get a crate with your Loo which can be used as a handy recycling bin!

    As you can tell, we are excited about our partnership with them. Their web site, humanurehandbook.com also has tons of information including a lot of informative videos.
    Please let us know how you do with your own composting Loveable Loo® if you purchase one. It sort of works like Moule's Earth Closet except this one actually works better due to the composting. How can you use one of these and not have any odor you might ask? Well, once you are done with your "business", you sprinkle a covering of sawdust on top. The sawdust "smothers" the odor and actually begins the composting process. There is much more information on all this on their web site so follow the links above to view the video and look at their web site. We are believers and you will become one too!

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