Here it is, the Ofishal "Jaeger Acres" Outhouse !

Modern Outhouse with Split "Dutch" Doors
Image from P. Jaeger
This is the View from the Outhouse!
Image from P. Jaeger
This is one of the more important things you'll find in the "Jaeger Acres" wilderness. A throwback to earlier years, but a necessary convenience even in these here modern times.
This privy boasts a full and two half moons, split "dutch" doors, a window and mini blinds.
The breathtaking view helps to offset the reasons why an outhouse takes your breath away. The outhouse is located on the banks of Cottonwood Creek, near Redding, California. When the top half of the dutch door is opened, the view is splendid. You can see a wooded valley with a brook running through it. One can just imagine watching deer getting a drink while you are sitting in the outhouse enjoying the view.
The outhouse was used by permission from Paul Jaeger. His home page is located at It is a pretty interesting site!
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