An Elevated Outhouse Playhouse in Minnesota!

Front Right View of Elevated OuthouseFront View of Elevated Outhouse
An Elevated Outhouse Playhouse
Photo by M. Loose
Front View of the Outhouse Playhouse
Photo by M. Loose
Side View of Elevated Outhouse PlayhouseAn Angle View of the Elevated Outhouse
Side View of Elevated Outhouse Playhouse
Photo by M. Loose
An Angle View of the Elevated Outhouse
Photo by M. Loose
On a recent trip to Minnesota to visit some relatives, my Mom stumbled across this amazing discovery. Of all things, one of our relatives salvaged an old outhouse, cleaned it up and proceeded to create one of the most interesting outhouses on the tour! He raised it up and put the outhouse on stilts, added the awning, added a window and a swinging rope ladder and came up with one of the most unique outhouses I have ever seen. You actually enter the playhouse by climbing the swinging rope ladder. It's kind of like being on an old schooner but instead of climbing up the mast to man the sails, you climb into the converted outhouse. My Mom did not climb the ladder but was told that the inside is a lot of fun to play in and explore. I imagine it has a couple of ready made laundry shoots!
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