Sky Crapper Junior at Night With Christmas Lights
Sky Crapper Junior decked out with Christmas Lights!
The Sky Crapper Junior at Night at Christmas Time
Photo by W. Burnett (Used by permission)
Side View of the Sky Crapper Jr.Front View of the Sky Crapper Jr.
Side View of the Sky Crapper Junior
Photo by W. Burnett (Used by permission)
Front View of the Sky Crapper Jr.
Photo by W. Burnett (Used by permission)
  These are some pictures I took of a Sky Crapper that I built, along the lines of Doug Feakes Sky Crapper. Almost the entire Sky Crapper Jr. is made out of scrap lumber & tin. Only the posts, the stairs & the main platform were new wood. The lap siding is from pallet boards, which dictated the size of the Sky Crapper to 40" wide by 80" long. This may be the smallest one made. I took the concept a little farther to make it a "low/medium tech" I added a 6" vent stack with a 12" roof turbine to help with circulation. In one of the pictures, you can see the "new fangled flipper lever" to "flush" to the compost bin twice a year. It resides just south of Doug Feakes famous Sky Crapper.
  I started the project at the end of June 1999. Almost too late to dig the holes. If you don't dig your holes in early spring, the ground turns into concrete as it dries out. Got the posts in the ground and the floor framing done, and had to quit, due to an intense thunderstorm. Had to go back to K.C. and didn't get back down for a month. The posts had warped all directions above the floor frame. Had to use hydraulic jack and lots of rope to pull things back, almost back into alignment. There is not one surface or piece framing above the floor that would resemble anything that you would call straight.The rest of the construction was uneventful. It's a 1 holer with an oak seat. It is designed to pull air down through the "hole", draw the air through the compost bin section, and out the stack. Making it a relatively low odor self-composting outhouse. The structure is fairly well sealed so the air flow can only flow in that direction, if there is slight breeze to spin the wind turbine or if the temperature of the compost bin is warm enough to get a good draft, up through the 6" PVC stack. The "flipper lever" is used to dump the used portion of the Sky Crapper into the compost bin once or twice a year. When the lever is flipped, it opens the door between the compost bin and the actual outhouse, and dumps it onto the compost pile in the back section. The picture with the Christmas lights was done for my email Christmas cards. The location is WaynzWorld,(no real existing address) Falcon, Missouri, about a mile south of Doug Feakes.

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