Turkey Ephesus 1000-1500 bc Public Outhouse
A Public 12-holer Water Closet in Turkey
A Public 12-holer Water Closet in Turkey
Photo from Mr. Stevens (Used by permission)
  This public outhouse is found in the country of Turkey. In many countries, outhouses are called Water Closets (WC). While this visitor to The Outhouses of America web site was traveling in Turkey a few years ago, he visited some ancient ruins called Ephesus 1000-1500 bc and came across a public 12-holer outhouse. This image came out of his guide book. The description of this public Water Closet follows:
"These were closets in the center of which stood a pool ornamented with large columns, and with mosaic paved all around. Stone toilet seats line the WC and a canal runs in front of the seats."

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