A Very Well Built Homemade Outhouse in Canada
A Great Looking Homebuilt Outhouse
A Great Looking Homebuilt Outhouse
Photo from M. Travers
Used by permission
  This family Emailed me this montage of their recently built outhouse. They are very proud of this new privy. Folks come from all around the area to see it (no stranger has asked to use it yet) but they use it all the time. The working end is lined with zinc plate and the whole thing is designed to last forever. The water for the sink is from a 5 gallon tank mounted on the outside and gravity fed to the tap. The door was saved from the original outhouse built on the same spot over 60 years ago. A plaque on the back of the door tells the visitors some of the history. The stained glass windows were made by his wife and can be opened if so desired. Personally, I love this outhouse.
  As far a history is concerned, the outhouse that it replaced was built in 1940 and desperately needed replacing because the roof was caving in. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the old one. It was built from scrap lumber left over from the cottage and cedar posts cut from our own lot. The cost of the materials in the new one was about $500 U.S. The siding is a 'rough cut pine'. The wainscoting inside is pine as is the ceiling.
  The most prominent odour inside is pine because of the ventilation built in underneath and in the structure itself. The lower four inches of the ceiling is screened. The stained glass windows open in and the back windows are screen with awnings on the outside to keep out the rain. I believe I mentioned before that the hole is lined with zinc plates to keep the wood dry. It was built to last and should be around even longer than the old one.

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