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The 14th Ever Outhouse Classic in Trenary, Michigan
     We went to the 2007 Outhouse Classic, which was held on February 24, 2007 and had a great time once again. The weather cooperated the Friday before and again on Saturday during the race. We took video again of the race and it turned out pretty good after all the edited clips fell on the floor. The finished project is really funny.

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     One bad thing that happened on the way to the races was that I lost my cell phone. Here are some tips that will help you out if you lose your cell phone. Always set your phone to go into Lock state when it is powered on so that you have to enter a password after powering it up. Try calling the phone to see if someone answers it. In my case, the phone was set to vibrate so no one could hear it.
     Always carry an 800 number for your cell phone carrier in your purse or wallet. If you don't have your phone, you'll need it. Also, find out ahead of time the toll free number of your carrier to retrieve Voice Mail if you are out of your home area. The person with me had his cell phone but his shortcuts like *86 to get Voice Mail did not work. You needed a different method to get voice mail when out of your area. Retrace your steps in your mind and try to remember the last time you either used the phone that day or the last time you felt it in your case, etc. If you stopped to eat or get gas, remember where it was and what the name of the place was. Try to contact someone from home who can call information or use the Internet to find the phone numbers of those places. Ask them to make some calls to see if the phone was found. Hopefully, someone honest will find it and turn it in. Also have an entry in your phone book on the phone called ICE. Law enforcement and people who know will look for entries beginning with ICE and call them. ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency". This is EXTREMELY important. Do it now on your cell phone. Put separate entries in there all beginning with ICE for home, your spouse, your in-laws, someone who cares about you. It could save your life! The lost phone turned up at a restaurant that we ate lunch at on Friday so on Sunday afternoon, we stopped and picked it up. I hope it never happens to you but if it does, you now have some handy tips on how to recover it.
     We took video of the race and created a DVD Video of the race that is almost an hour long. This year's video is the best ever! It also has a slide show at the end that has every picture of the racers so it is a nice bonus feature. The DVD is a nice documentary of this year's race. It contains interviews, fun things and it is available here for $9.99 plus $3.00 shipping. We are donating a portion of every sale to an organization in the Trenary, Michigan area to help needy families. Last year's sales resulted in a donation to the Methias Fire Department in Trenary. Click the PayPal "Buy Now" button below to have it shipped directly to your home. Other year's videos can also be purchased below.
     There are many, many more pictures available to view than what are shown below. We have pictures of every Outhouse that was raced and all the racers. We also have pictures of the award ceremony and everyone getting their awards. In addition, we have a lot more interesting people shots that you will enjoy looking at.
     Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken by Michael Becker or John Loose. If you see a picture you would like to purchase, the original digital picture can be made available for a nominal fee. Just contact us via the web site.
     To help defray some of the costs of running this web site and covering the Outhouse Races, we set up a private area you can subscribe to. For a very small amount, you can access the private area for an entire year with ALL the pictures from this year's race. We will also make available the Outhouses of America electronic newsletter (The U. P. Daily News published a minimum of once per year) that covers the latest news about Outhouses as well as the following:

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    The Outhouse Classic is located in Trenary, Michigan, which is about 19 miles north of Rapid River, and is always held on the last Saturday of February at 2 PM. Dig out your Michigan map and unfold the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and look smack dab in the middle of it and you will be close.
Trenary, Michigan

    Enough of the small talk. Let's view this year's winners!

This year's theme was
"Put Your Hole Heart Into the 14th ever Trenary Outhouse Classic"
Here are the Race Results

Kids 12 and Under
1st Place 2nd Place
1st Place Kids 12 and Under
Poop Blind, Trenary, MI
Brandon Maki and Mackenszie Richmond
2nd Place Kids 12 and Under
J and J's Explosive Crapper, Trenary, MI
Jake Aho and John Timmonen
3rd Place
3rd Place Kids 12 and Under
Bear Butt Suzie, Trenary, MI
Kyle Beauchaine and Ryan Walther
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Kids Awards
Best Presentation Best Workmanship
Kids Best Presentation
Poop Blind
Brandon Maki and Mackenzie Richmond
Kids Best Workmanship
J and J's Explosive Crapper
Jake Aho and John Timmonen
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Most Humorous
Kids Most Humorous
Pirates Pooty
Kelby Mack and Finn Whalen

Mountain Bike Winner
Kelby Mack, Mqt. MI (unavailable) and Sarah Unger, Cooks, MI
Winners of the Mountain Bikes donated by Keewadin Casino
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Big Kids 13-20 Years Old
1st Place
1st Place Big Kids 13-20
Skandia Boys, Skandia MI
2nd Place
2nd Place Big Kids 13-20
Unholy Hole, Cooks MI
3rd Place
3rd Place Big Kids 13-20
The Sh*t Rocket, Mqt. MI
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Adults 21-35
1st Place
1st Place Adults 21-35
The Sh*tweiser, Mqt. MI
Vern Hixon and Tommy Krause
2nd Place 3rd Place
2nd Place Adults 21-35
Heart Attack, Mqt.
MI Collin Phillip and Joe Supa
3rd Place Adults 21-35
Camp Maki/Naw
Gladstone, MI Darrel Maki and Lonnye Davey
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Adults 36-49
1st Place 2nd Place
1st Place Adults 36-49
The Holy Crapper, Au Train & Chatham, MI
Mike Hansen and Erik Conger
2nd Place Adults 36-49
Sunquist Dairy, Bark River, MI
Todd Sunquist and Kevin Jenshak
3rd Place
3rd Place Adults 36-49
Nice Cans, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Joe Voss and Ross Koski
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Adults 50 and Over
1st Place
1st Place Adults 50 and Over
Publik Privy, Newberry, MI
Dick Haley and Ron Schultz
2nd Place 3rd Place
2nd Place Adults 50 and Over
Colts Stall and Super Bowl, Frankfort, IN
Tom Felty and Don Felty
3rd Place Adults 50 and Over
Nice Cans, Pardeeville, WI
Bob and Ruth Wentworth
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Adult Awards
People's Choice Best Workmanship
Adults People's Choice
Publik Privy
Adults Best Workmanship
The Holy Crapper
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Most Humorous Most Humorous
Adults Most Humorous
The Scoop on Poop
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Best Overall
Best Overall
Winner of Dr. McGillicuddy's Travelling Trophy
Yum Yum Hole
Cooks, MI
Sarah Unger and Jeff Gendron
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Furthest Travelled
Furthest Traveled
Sesame Street Can
Frankfort, IN
Casey Felty and Nick Craig
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Best Presentation
Adults Best Presentation
The Hen House
Marinette, WI
Darcie Johnson and Julie Price

$500 Winner
Winner of the $500.00 cash drawing:
FEMA, William Johnson, Marinette, WI

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