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The Outhouses of America Tour is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Outhouses, backhouses and loos. What began as a joke in 1996 has grown into a "World-Famous" web site about Outhouses. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are always looking for pictures of your favorite Outhouse. Preferably, you either built it yourself or you restored an old Outhouse back to life.

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Here is the latest featured outhouse. Fly into Fairbanks, Alaska and this will be the first outhouse you will see!
Fairbanks, Alaska Outhouse

Are You Prepared with Food, Backup Power, Water, Sanitation and Power?
     The Ebola virus is spreading in Africa. Could it come here?
     Smallpox is in the news. Many of our children never received smallpox vacinations.
     Pneumonic plague and other pandemics are an airplane flight away.
     Toledo, Ohio and Southeastern Michigan (August 2014): Over 500,000 people are told not to drink or even bathe in the community provided water
     because of algae and chemicals found in Lake Erie.
     These are just a few of the deadly viruses and water emergencies which have garnered national headlines during the past month.
     Do you really trust the Power Grid?
     Have you or someone you know lost power recently due to a storm or some other reason?
Remember the Blackout of 2003?
Many people were without power for days.
     I used to poo poo those "preppers". Not any more. If a pandemic of any kind takes hold, people won't go to work and it won't take long for the power to shut down. Food, Water, Sanitation, Communication (a small shortwave radio) and Power are essential items to have. Homeland security and FEMA recommend you have enough food, water and power to last you for 72 hours in case of an emergency. I took control of my emergency food, water, communications and sanitation needs a few years ago. I also built a battery bank to power my home and you can too!
      Most of the items below can be shipped to your home FREE with 2-Day shipping if you belong to Amazon Prime. Join or find out more here. It's the best deal there is!

     Food: Stock up on peanut butter, jelly, powdered milk, peanuts, beans and rice. Flower, salt, sugar and baking soda can be used to make tortillas. Store it sealed in garbage bags inside of 5 gallon buckets in a cool, dry place. Put a date on the outside along with a list of what's inside.
     Power and Lighting - We recommend you use Eneloop AA or AAA Rechargeable batteries. Buy at least 16 of each and use them in all your AA and AAA Battery devices. Try to buy radios and other gear that use AA or AAA batteries. It's very easy to recharge AA or AAA batteries from your battery bank with the charger we have listed below.
          Panasonic BK-3MCCA8BA eneloop AA New 2100 Cycle Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, 8 Pack
          Panasonic BK-4MCCA8BA eneloop AAA New 2100 Cycle Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, 8 Pack
          Maha PowerEx MH-C800S Eight Cell Smart Charger for AA/AAA Batteries This item is so good, I own two (2) of them! Remember: 2 is 1 and 1 is NONE!
          You have the batteries; Now use these to store them in: Storacell by Powerpax A9 Multi-Pack Battery Caddy, Orange
     Lighting - Imagine this: You don't have power and you need to walk around in your house. I own five (5) of these great headlamps powered by AAA batteries: Energizer Pro 7 LED Industrial Headlamp, Blue/Black, 3AAA Batteries Included
     Communications - Here is a shirt pocket radio that runs on 3 AA batteries AND it receives short wave broadcasts! I own and depend on this radio. Tecsun PL-360 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM Shortwave Radio with DSP, Black
     Water: We list several water filters below that vary in price.
     Water Filters I recommend:
          Sterilize water in less than 2 minutes: SteriPEN Classic Bundle Pack with Pre-Filter
          A nice filter at a great price: Katadyn Vario Multi Flow Water Microfilter
          I depend on this water filter when hiking: Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter
          I carry one of these water filters called a LifeStraw in any vehicle I'm driving. They are so cheap, buy 3 or 4 for yourself and your family: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
          Also carry a Nalgene water bottle to put water in for your LifeStraw: Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 32 Oz, Gray with Black Lid
          A Berkey is the best home water filter there is: Berkey RB4x2-CF Royal Berkey 2.25 Gal. Stainless Steel Water Filter with Ceramic Filters
    Sanitation - Read All About Composting Toilets and The Loveable Loo®
    As you know, we became famous by featuring pretty much everything you would want to know about outhouses. We are becoming more and more green and that is why we now firmly believe that all outhouses could be converted to a greener outhouse by using the Loveable Loo instead of "dumping" into the ground. You can learn more about Humanure, Composting your human waste and going green by using a Loveable Loo and sawdust. Read about the Loveable Loo by clicking this link!

    Home Battery Bank Information:
     By following this link, you can purchase a complete step by step video on how to make your own emergency home battery bank. This can be as small as one marine battery or it can be a whole bank of batteries, Steven Harris shows you everything. He covers battery selection in detail; he shows you how to set up your battery, how to hook up the inverter, battery monitors and other fail safe stuff so you always know your battery bank is working and ready to go plus he goes into step by step on how to make a mobile version of this battery bank for a pickup truck and he also goes into explicit details on hooking up a solar panel to the battery bank (home or mobile).
     DO NOT fall into the SCAM that is the 'solar generator' junk they sell out there. Those are a lot of money for very little. This shows you how to make your own for 1/10 the price of what those crooks want to charge you. This DIY Video is incredibly detailed. Anyone with zero knowledge can watch these videos and then make and USE their own battery bank.
     A battery bank will be the NUMBER ONE thing you will go to and rely on the second the power fails. Steven has been building and using these for over 20 years. There are 3 videos in this purchase and they are ALL in 720P HD Video format and are a total of 4.5 hours in length. These are very detailed. There will be NO DOUBT in your mind on how to make a battery bank when you are done watching these videos.
     To further supplement my power, I bought a small 800 Watt Harbor Freight 2-cycle generator. It's enough power to run my refrigerator, my small freezer and some lights. Just recently, my mother in law lost power due to a bad storm. That little generator ran her refrigerator and a small tv and lights for over 8 hours on a single gallon of gas!
     Find out more by going to this site. You can also purchase the DVDs at that time if you want. We highly recommend them. In fact, EVERYONE should purchase these and build a battery bank for backup power.
     Note: The Outhouses of America Tour will receive a small commission if you buy a set of these DVD's. Help keep the "Tour" going AND help yourself by building a battery bank for backup power in case you lose power. It's a WIN WIN situation!


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