Hand written copy from the late 1800's of
The Passing of the Backhouse poem by James Whitcomb Riley
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Original hand written Poem
Written by James Whitcomb Riley
Used with permission from James Skarzynski

    James contacted me and said he had a hand written orignal of the poem "The Passing of the Backhouse" by James Whitcomb Riley. He keeps the original poem in a safe so he took the pages out and scanned them into a PDF. I made images of the three hand written pages that you see on this page. Here is what he said...
    I have an original hand written copy from the late 1800's of this poem by James Whitcomb Riley. It has an extra verse that all the others don't have. I can't find anyone interested in verifying my discovery. It was found in Albany, NY with a bunch of ephemera from that same time. I will get it out of the safe and scan it for you.
    Attached is a copy of the original poem "The Passing of the Back House" written by James Whitcom Riley. As discussed earlier, there is a more to the poem that has been omitted over the years. This poem was found in Albany, NY, it a box of ephemera from the late 1800's. The paper it is written on is period to that time. So any later claim to the poem is erroneous. Maybe this will rekindle the controversy about its origin. I am sure that the last verse was either forgotten, or never released.
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