Superb Alberta, Canada Lake Outhouse

Alberta Canada Outhouse
Alberta, Canada Outhouse
Photo by H. Keating
Side view of the Alberta Canada Outhouse
Side view of the Alberta Canada Outhouse
Photo by H. Keating
    Mr. Keating built an Outhouse at their cottage at a lake in northern Alberta,Canada following other pictures on the Outhouses of America Tour! For the roof he used smoky plastic roof panels. For the siding he used 6 inch clear pine tongue and groove and then it was varnished clear on the inside and stained forest green on the outside. It cannot be seen in the summer because it blends so well with the foliage. He installed "vented under" eves and made the wall cavity as a vent. The result is an odorless construction. He didn't put in the moon in the door but did have an identical moon mirror, which was installed. Everyone comments on the beautiful "Home and Garden Outhouse" and he thanks us for our pictures. He says "We will be enjoying our construction for a long time to come."

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