Osceola County, Michigan Outhouse
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Inside of the Michigan Camp Outhouse
Inside of the Michigan Camp Outhouse
Photo by L. W.
The finished Outhouse
The finished Outhouse
Photo by L. W.
    This outhouse is located in Osceola County, Michigan. At the time of this photo, the outside wasn't quite finished yet. They added a clear fiberglas roof, painted the interior trim and added a fake potted plant. The exterior walls are made from cement-board - to keep the porcupines from chewing holes in it. Also note the padded seat. It warms up quickly in the winter. The faces are distorted to protect the innocent!
    He has an older outhouse there too. That one was built with cedar-pressboard siding......and the animals have left it alone for the most part.
    He has had his property for almost 10 years now. You learn an awful lot about building structures in remote locations. His cabin sits back about 1/2 mile into the woods. Unfortunately he has had a few break-ins - but none for the past 5 years. He has had to move his old outhouse once already - because the local critters filled it in. His neighbor had the same problem. He guesses they think something's dead in there - so they bury it! :-) Condensation is also an issue for outhouses. They have to remember to leave the lid open while they're away....especially in the winter - otherwise the seat ices over [Attention everyone out there...are you listening to this???]. The new Outhouse with white walls - is very bright and inviting but you really see every speck of mold that grows on the walls. He still needs to hang towel bars and install some sort of sink. For the new Outhouse he glued the paneling to the inside of the exterior sheathing - to eliminate wall cavities where critters might take up residence. Overall - the women-folk are a LOT more comfortable with his new privy. His place up north is just outside Ashton, Michigan...north of Reed City.
    They had fun with other photos that day (building). One shot was taken of a guy digging down in the hole. Another was taken of a guy sitting - reading a Maxim magazine, etc.
    He asked the Outhouses of America Curator if he has heard of anyone running into problems with the DNR / DEQ for having an old fashioned pit-toilet? He's sure there's some law against it. They'd probably prefer you dump chemicals in the ground - or suck it out with a hose and deposit it into our drinking water. :-p Your best bet is not to mention it to the local officials. Sometimes they get pretty upset but if you catch them when they have to take a leak, things tend to smooth out.

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