Amish-made Outhouses For Sale

Outhouses built by the Amish stand ready to sell
Outhouses built by the Amish stand ready to sell
Photo by J. Loose
Amish built outhouses There they are; all in a row ready for someone to buy and use
Amish built outhouses
Photo by J. Loose
There they are; all in a row ready for someone to buy and use
Photo by J. Loose
    In 1999, someone sent me an Email telling me about some Amish-built outhouses that could be seen from a freeway in Michigan. I kept the location in the back of my mind for a while until February. At that time, I drove up to the Outhouse Races in Trenary, Michigan. Many of those photo's can be seen on this web site including all the years that the race has been going on. I attended the Outhouse Races from 1999 through 2008, a 10 year run. Anyway, on the way back, I took the freeway towards Clare, Michigan instead of continuing down I-75 and sure enough, just after an overpass, I caught a glimpse of these Amish outhouses.
    They are on the West side of the road of Route 127 between Clare and Harrison (just South of Harrison). If you are Southbound, you can stop and get a good view of them. There is an overpass just North of where they stand. I stopped, took the above pictures and then proceeded home. To get to the actual farm that is selling them is kind of a pain. There are no exits real close. Since I drove by on a Sunday, there was no way they would want to talk to me. It looks like they use T-111 siding to make them and all you need to do is stain them and then dig a hole, move the outhouse over the hole and you're in business.

There is a farm called the Yoder Farm with a Quilt Auction near Clare, Michigan. The Yoder Farm might be the farm that also does the woodworking. These may be the directions to the place or at least they can tell you where it might be:

From Bay City:
Come west on US-10 to the Loomis exit,
Exit off expressway,
Turn left; Go over the overpass to flashing stop light,
Turn right on Old 10 (business 10 West),
Go 2 miles to Leaton Rd; Turn left on Leaton Rd, Go 1/2 mile,
Farm is on west side of road.

From Lansing:
Come north on US-27,
Exit left off expressway Business 27 into Clare,
Come to second light (5th Street/Business 10),
Turn right at The Doherty Hotel and go 3 miles east on Business 10 to Leaton Rd. and turn right,
Farm is on west side of road.

From Grand Rapids:
Go north US-131 to Reed City; exit 10 East,
Turn right, go all the way on 10 and then you will automatically be on US-10 East,
Merge onto US-27 South; Take first exit into Clare;
Go to second light (5th Street/Business 10),
Turn left at the Doherty Hotel, onto Business 10,
Go east 3 miles to Leaton Rd.,
Turn right on Leaton Rd, go 1/2 mile,
Farm is on west side of road.

From Up North:
Come south on US-27 to Clare exit,
Exit right after big welcome center, located in middle of median,
Turn right, go to second light (5th Street/Business 10 East),
Turn left at the Doherty Hotel,
Go 3 miles to Leaton Rd,
Turn right on Leaton Rd.
Farm is on the west side of road.

For more information call the Clare Area Chamber of Commerce
429 N. McEwan
Clare, MI 48617

    What else can you see in the images shown? Many times a photo is worth a thousand words and I've only elaborated with a few so why don't you add some "color commentary" to my collection. If your addition is worthy, you will find the quote added on the Comments to the Curator page.

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