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The 12th Ever Outhouse Classic in Trenary, Michigan
     We went to the 2005 Outhouse Classic on February 26, 2005 and this year we created a complete 1-Hour Video of the races available on DVD. We felt like a Hollywood film editor with all the film clips on the floor but we ended up with a real funny documentary with lots of interviews and action. It is available for purchase in our on line store. We are donating a portion of every sale to an organization in the Trenary, Michigan area to help needy families.

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     There are a lot more pictures available to view than what are shown below. We have pictures of every Outhouse that was raced and all the racers. In addition, we have a lot more interesting people shots that you will enjoy looking at.
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    The Outhouse Classic is located in Trenary, Michigan, which is about 19 miles north of Rapid River, and is held on the last Saturday of February at 2 PM. Dig out your Michigan map and unfold the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and look smack dab in the middle of it and you will be close. This year when we arrived at the Mackinac Bridge, the view was perfect. Mackinac Bridge is a 5 mile long suspension bridge and connects the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan. Driving over it is fantastic, especially in the winter. You are up very high and when you look down at the straights of Mackinac, you can see solid ice and the lines where the ice breaker has gone through. You can also see the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island from the bridge.
Michigan's Mackinac Bridge Another shot of the 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge

    This year was the 12th year of the races and it was the best Outhouse Classic ever because the weather was more or less perfect. If you plan to drink at the races, have a designated driver who isn't drinking. Last year the Michigan State Police were patrolling the area the entire weekend and many people were pulled over. Please don't drink and drive. This year, I didn't see them but I'm sure they were in the area.
    I have been covering the race now for the last seven years and my partner and I take pictures and video of the event. This race has grown from just a few people to well over 4500 people this year. Every year on Friday night a track of snow is dropped and spread out on the main street of Trenary for a distance of 500 feet. Then on Saturday the people begin to arrive in droves to watch the races. Pickup trucks and vehicles pulling trailers slowly arrive and unload their creations for this year's race. If you get there just after noon, you will have plenty of time to mill around and inspect the many different designs of Outhouses. You will also see people putting them together as though they were a kit. There is non-stop action from the moment you get there as people walk around talking with each other. After you see some of these racers, you begin to see some real nice entries and you can see that many people put a lot of time and work into their Outhouse. On the other hand, there are always a few who put a refrigerator box on a pair of skis and go for it! There are now a few people I look forward to seeing and they never let me down!
Pay here to enter the races

    This was the first year the committee charged people to enter the races. I think it was $1 but the money is used to help fund the event and it is also used to help out the Trenary community during the year. Next year plan on getting there EARLY like around noon to 1 PM. That will allow plenty of time to find parking and walk around the entries.
    OK, let's get down to what happened. This year only two of us drove up from Detroit on Friday. We decided to stop by and see what Trenary looks like the night before the race. Here are a couple of pictures taken of the main street of Trenary where the race track is located. The couple in the truck is Francois and Sherry, members of the Outhouse Classic committee.
Race track alley One of the start lines

    For supper, we drove up to Chatham, Michigan for some of the best Walleye and Perch we have had in a long time at the Village Pub. Chatham is located about 10 miles North of Trenary. This is the second year we have done this. Here is a couple of pictures taken inside the Pub.
The Village Pub in Chatham, Michigan Our server with the official photographer
    Afterwards, we headed down to Trenary for some bar time visiting with Cindy, owner of the Trenary Tavern, and her husband. Some of the racers were also in town at the bar so we got to know them and got a few hints about what they would be racing. Francois and Sherry, members of the Outhouse Classic committee, were there along with a lot of other people. We also went next door to the Silver Dollar bar for some "nourishment".

    Saturday race day morning always begins with a breakfast at Deloma's restaurant. They have pretty good specials for breakfast. This year I got the fisherman's breakfast again. It was awesome as usual! How about eggs, hash browns, pancakes, and a huge piece of pan-fried perch laying right there on the plate. Fresh coffee warmed us up and then we were off to Trenary.

    There isn't much more to say except for you to take a look at the pictures. By the way, the photos were taken by myself, the Curator of the Outhouses of America Tour, and Mike Becker, my partner in photography. Any photos taken by others are noted.

This year's theme was "Let's Potty at the Dozenth Ever Outhouse Classic"
Here are the Race Results

Kids 12 and Under
Flower Power Little Toots
1st Place Kids 12 and Under
Flower Power, Trenary, MI
Kaitlin and Taylor
3rd Place Kids 12 and Under
Tittle Toots, Trenary, MI
Brianna and Lindsay

2nd Place Kids 12 and Under

Buttweisers, Trenary, MI
Brnadon and Christian
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Kids Awards
Flower Power
Kids Best Presentation Kids Best Workmanship
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Little Toots
Kids Most Humorous Kids Best Theme
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Adults 13-30 Years Old
3rd Place Adults 13-30

1st Place Adults 13-30

2nd Place Adults 13-30
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Adults 31-49
Sorry, we didn't have a pic of the adults with this one
1st Place Adults 31-49 3rd Place Adults 31-49
2nd Place Adults 31-49
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Adults 50 and Over

1st Place Image TBD
Send us an Email; What did this one look like?
2nd Place Adults 50 and Over 3rd Place Adults 50 and Over
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Adult Awards
Adults People's Choice Adults Best Workmanship
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Adults Most Humorous
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Best Overall
Winner of Dr. McGillicuddy's Travelling Trophy
Furthest Travelled
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Adults Best Presentation Adults Honorable Mention

Winner of the Las Vegas or $500.00 cash drawing:
Ron Schultz of Traverse City, Michigan

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