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This is probably the most entertaining and informative part of the Outhouses of America Tour! You would not believe some of the comments that have come in over the years...and they are from all over the world! Beware: It might take a while to go through all of them so the best way to approach these pages is to read a little now and then come back from time to time to read more. Have fun!

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    Outhouse Comments from 2004 - Present


  • 4/15 Found your web site by accident. I was on a road trip with my gay best friend and she just wanted to stop because the town was called Gays. The outhouse was just a plus. Feel free to publish or use photo however you wish.
  • 4/4 drove by your latest projecdt see you finished the bathroom rest to come later
  • 4/3 We live near Burgessville, Ontario, Canada and have a 38 foot fifth wheel with our own outhouse!! Are there any campgrounds available near your event? Any info would be neat! Thanks Norm
  • 3/15 Greetings, I purchased an old homesite in east texas about ten years ago that has a WPA outhouse still standing. It had a wooden plaque in it stating it was built by the WPA with a date from the 1930’s . Where can I find a record of its construction? Great website! Thanks for your time
  • 3/12 What do they have for the working or bottom end of the outhouse? How do they vent it? How often do they empty it?
  • 2/22 I would like to know which rock & gem shows does Robert Evans sell at during the year. I met and purchased some of his painted slabs several years ago at the Deming Roundup. I would like to get more. Christina - Marysville Rock & Gem Club - Seattle Wa
  • 2/19 I am interested in purchasing a rustic outhouse for my backyard. Can you please advise?
  • 2/12 I realize my request probably goes against every fiber of your being (lol) but I need to have an outhouse removed at a house I just bought in northern Maine. It honestly gives me the willies. Who do I call? Thanks!
    In answer to your question; Hmmm, Outhouse Busters to remove it? Jeanie
    [Our reply] Really, I don't know. But what I do know is that if you are going to remove it, I would get some fresh sawdust (non treated wood) from a sawmill and pour about 6" of it on top of what is down in the hole and then take a little hay from a bale and sprinkle that on top of the sawdust. After that, you can fill in the hole with dirt. The compost will settle over time and you will need to back fill the hole a bit.
    Have some neighborhood kids tear it down for you but make sure you back fill the hole to prevent someone from falling in. A local sand and gravel company can help on that.
    Take pictures and email them to me before and during the tear down so we can document it on the web site.
    We have an outhouse at our hunting camp but started using the Loveable Loo with sawdust and compost piles. You can see videos on our web site here:
    Scroll down to see the videos.
    We covered up our hole and put new wood on the floor. this is all we use and it is great! NO ODOR!!!

    Yes, I need Outhouse Busters! But I'll do it exactly as you said and sure, I'll videotape it for your website. I won't do it until the spring, though, as there's about a foot of snow. I've attached a picture so you can see the culprit there, lurking to the left of the house...
    I watched the videos on your site and they're really interesting! When I was looking to buy this camp, I had been looking at places with compost toilets but I didn't really know what they were, so I steered clear of them but they're not so bad after all, are they?!
    I'll be back in touch in the springtime, when I'm ready to start my outhouse project! And if you ever want to come hunting in Maine next winter, let me know! I'll give you a deal on the rental! lol
    Thanks so much, John, you've been a huge help!
  • 2/11 [Regarding Outhouse Digging] "Dyottville Glassworks" I-95 is going to be built right over this historic landmark. There is not a lot of time left to see it.It is a once in a life time event, for the bottle digger and the non bottle diggers alike.
    There is a long story behind this place. it was more of a live in work place then a factory. Over 300 workers were employed they also lived on the premisses. The book to read that would shed more light on this subject is "Bottles Flasks and Dr Dyott" I don't want to bore you with my details :-P
    I feel lucky to have dug a bottle (locally) that was made in this factory in the 1850s
  • 1/30 Gentlemen, I just finished reading your article on the AT and T outhouses located in obsolete microwave sites. AT & T Outhouse situated at a Microwave Radio Relay Site
    It read:
    The photo at the bottom right was taken by H. Nelson. Here is what he wrote in an Email to me: Attached is a photo of what I was told is an "electrical toilet" that was inside the concrete block building at the foot of the King's Mountain microwave tower in Orrington, Maine. The site was shut down by AT & T in 1992, and in 2002 the building was "scrapped out" by an electrical salvage company. Knowing the owner of the company, I and several others got to go inside. The site also had the standard outside Outhouse in the confines of the wire fence. There are 2 Thrones at King's Mountain!
    I have purchased one of those sites, near Nogalus Texas, with tower dismantled and removed, only the blockhouse is left. Your article gives me reason to wonder what and where a septic tank is buried just outside the wall, a septic tank with a breather pipe next to the front door. The buildings are now empty, but it would be great if I could exchange emails with H. Nelson on what he remembers about the buildings. Just general recollections would be most helpful as there are no prints for these old buildings. Could you please forward my email request to him, and see if he would like to swap notes with someone in Texas. John
  • 1/27 Hi: I am trying to find someone knowledgeable about outhouses to briefly interview for an article I am writing for the Detroit Free Press. Would you please call me or email me a number where I could call you? Thank you, Paul Egan
    Detroit Free Press
  • 1/25 We have a different use for this outhouse toilet paper holder you have for sale and we need to know the inner dimensions. If we buy it, can we have it sent overnight? Thank You, Wayne
  • 1/23 Price on outhouse
  • 1/16 Hi, Hope you are well. Were may I purchase subject [Newfie 2-holer outhouse] item? Best, Dave...


  • 12/27 Hi John, thanks for the e-mail and your kind words of encouragement. You moved to Michigan the same year I moved to Ohio from New Jersey, what a coinsidence! I will go the the Outhouses of America website after I finsh this e-mail and check out my corner of it. I finally gave that privy to the gal I made it for. It took my 2 1/2 to complete it. It's made of popsickle sticks and coffee stirs. I hope you and your family have a great new year. Keep in touch, Jeff
  • 12/12 Do you still dig? Here in New Orleans? Virle
  • 12/12 What else did Crapper improve or invent
  • 12/10 My little one wanted me to show you a picture of Shrek coming out of his outhouse after he "flushes" (you can actually hear the flush in the movie), and a picture taken of a replica of the same outhouse at a Universal Studios theme park in Singapore. The replica is at least 10' tall to accomodate an ogre!
    Someone pointed out a change in the functioning of Shrek's outhouse door. In the first scene of the movie when Shrek emerges from his outhouse, the door swings and stays open naturally as if it were on normal hinges. But later when he comes out a second time when conversing with Donkey, the door snaps shut as if it has those spring hinges that automatically rebound.
    Just FYI. Hope you enjoy!
  • 12/5 why ( in pictures that I see ) do outhouses have 4x4's, or pallets, or blocks raising them off the ground? Thank you in advance for your response, Dan [Our Reponse] Could be a number of reasons:
    The main reason is that wood rots when in contact with the ground so raising it up prevents floor rot
    Many have a rear hatch that raises up allowing a clean out
    If you have a picture of one in question, I can take a look at it. Send a link to the picture.
  • 12/3 Hi, I have a response to the "fish hook" bone item on this page:
    *Shawnee Antiques writes "I would love to know if there is a hole at the end of the “Indian fish hook.” It appears to be a handle to a parasol when I'm looking at the picture. Without any additional information that would be my best guess unless it is much smaller than I think and has no hole. Marsha" *
  • 11/22 I was trying to reach Uncle Curt Welton, but the number was no longer active. He had given me yours, but it sounded like a "Brenda" was on the message, so maybe no longer your phone. Could you please contact me?
  • 11/16 Re: Ornate toilet. Could you send me the email of the owner? Best, Juan
  • 11/4 dear KG; my name is W.R. Faulk, i live on fall creek road, approx. 2 miles behind the waterfall, at the end of Fall Creek Rd. (now named ALESIA WAY) due to an error by cumberland co.s 911 system. Another resident of the community (russell waters) and i are attempting to do historical research on the "Ozone" community. we would be very interested in locating the "old hotel" or its foundation for a possible photograph. you can contact me via phone just about anytime, i'm now totally retired, i have an answering machine if not home. Would love to hear from you, please let me know. sincerly, W.R. Faulk
  • 10/22 Is it possible to locate plans or copies of plans for the genuine wpa outhouses.
    [Our Response] Hi Richard, I have received this question quite a few times. There was a book that I received years ago that did have plans in it. I looked just now for it and couldn't find it. I have tons of memorabilia that people have sent me over the years and one of them had the plans in it. Unfortunately, it is buried right now and unburying it would be difficult. I have enough stuff for a museum at this point!
    UPDATE!!! Since I wrote that, I found it! It is in a book by Ronald S. Barlow called "The Vanishing American Outhouse". You can read more HERE.
  • 10/18 When I was young (1955) one of my jobs at the camp was to periodically dump a pail of white milky liquid down the outhouse hole. Can you tell me what that liquid was?? 10/9 I was reading your website and was struck by the fact that you said, It’s a mystery why the lids had nails in the middle. I immediately thought that if I were going to draw a circle on a board quickly, I would put in a nail and use a piece of string to make the circle guide. What do you think? Just an idea. Nice website. Donna from Alabama
  • 9/17 Hello, I am trying to find the value of a Porcelain white bell base pedistal in a WPA outhouse. No one I know has seen one like it. It is made to have a modern type seat with 2 bolts. The whole outhouse must have been built by the WPA. They abandoned the outhouse and the project when they learned that they was not on gov land. I bought the land. It was not gov. land. Is the whole outhouse valuable? what is your advise for me to sell it or part of it, like the White Bell pedistal? Thanks, Shirley Hosier
  • 9/1 We were in Alexandria Bay, NY last weekend when we saw this outhouse. Les insisted I take photos for you...for your collection. :) Enjoy. Patty
  • 8/31 Hello: You have an impressive web site. I was wondering where I could purchase an outhouse ? Regards, Doug
  • 8/17 This person sent me a link to an article about someone walking away from an outhouse. Check it out here.
  • 8/16 [Out of the blue, we get this one] Dear Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q-
    I am writing to you from The Burger Show, a traveling art exhibit of burger paintings which opened at the James Beard House, NYC in the Spring. We have just opened our National Burger Legacy Art Project and thought you would want to submit your great burgers!
    The completed artwork will be a photo collage in the shape of a burger composed of burgers from across America. You may even want to encourage your customers to submit as well to increase your ranking in the project! There is a small fee of $10.00 with 20% donated to a Food Bank of your selection, AND you will receive a poster of the end project. I hope you will consider submitting your fantastic burgers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your burgers with the world and preserve them for all time! You will find more information on our web page. Please do let me know if you have any questions. with all best, Lauren for The Burger Show
  • 8/1 How deep is the clay plug in old outhouse holes? I am digging one now. I hit the clay plug about 4 ft down. I have already dug about 4 ft of clay. I going to keep on till I get to the bottom.
    Hello, I am the resident outhouse digger on John Loose’s outhouse website. I’ve been constantly amazed by the amount of response my little corner of his web site has generated, from all over the world.
    Clay plugs were placed in outhouse holes to seal off the offensive odor of the pit. Lime was placed in them, sometimes in conjunction with the clay plug. Four feet would be a rather excessive, considering the fill also cut down on the amount of waste, etc. that could be placed in the hole before it had to be dipped out, or another hole dug. Usually, these plugs are not over a couple of feet thick; sometimes even less.
    You should be probing as you go deeper, to estimate what is going on. Otherwise, you could be digging in native clay at the bottom of a very shallow pit.
    How did you decide if you had a privy pit to begin with? You did not mention what you observed going down from the surface to reach the four foot depth.
    Charlie Cook in Louisiana Bayou Country
  • 7/29 You have a fun website! On a fishing trip, I tried to find the Stowe, Vermont hunting camp outhouse, but even the information people in the town of Stowe who had lived there for a long time did not know what I was talking about. Do you have any directions or coordinates I can use so I can locate it the next time I go fishing in Vermont? Best, Tom
  • 7/23 Dear Sir: Noticed your page has one from Cuba ... any thoughts of expanding either the whole site, or just a page, for Outhouses of the Americas? Just from within my husband's family (El Salvador), I could contribute a few snapshots. The first one I snapped was the one my in-laws had at the time of my first visit, in late 2001, because I admired the ingenuity of making the walls from halved bamboo, which provided a natural air freshener. Unfortunately, he says, the bamboo disintegrates too fast in the weather, so he had to do away with that particular model. A brother-in-law's model has not only a navy-blue plastic molded seat, but a rather intimidating drop-off if one were to forget that the stairs leading to and from the facility go off to the left, and not straight out in front ... yikes!
    Actually found your site because I was curious to see what I might find out about the most hygienic models, given that their country's rural areas still depend so heavily on this device. The Lovable Loo does look lovable, but I suspect if I found the price it wouldn't be practical for the situation, especially once we got into the S&H of getting it to Central America ...
    Andrea P.S. glad to be back home in Dallas, Texas, after Salvadoran Sojourn #5
  • 7/22 I have two of her original paintings with her signature on it. It is called Old Wreck-New House. I know that Kimmel Foundation is interested in buying these paintings. But, I don't know how much I should sell these for. Are you able to help me with this? Thank you very much. Leslie
  • 7/18 Can you please post my request on Outhouses of America? I give 15 to 20 crapper talks a year through our university’s Speaker’s Service and I use only photos I have taken or others have sent me directly. My collection includes photos from 46 states. I need someone to send me photo(s) from Oregon, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland. When I use someone’s picture in my talks, the person is credited on the screen. I can also credit O of A for assistance for any shots that come from this effort. I am a retired professor and this is a volunteer speaker service. Thank you. Bill Crynes, in Oklahoma
  • 7/17 Just found your web site while looking for the origin of "Chick Sales" being used to mean the out-house. When my parents built a summer cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin my mother referred to the out-house as "Lill's Library". Will return to your web site....funny and informative.
  • 7/3 Just wondering if you could give me the dimensions of your lovely outhouse with porch? It looks really large on the inside. We were interested in building a similar one, since it doesn't look like an outhouse. Thanks for your info. (The photos were donated by Marsha.) Chris
  • 7/2 Hello! I have a very old authentic outhouse that I want off my property. I am in New York. I have listed it on ebay and if you have any other ideas on where I should advertise something like that, I'd appreciate it. I have no idea what it's worth so I'm assuming it depends on how bad someone wants it and who's looking to get one. I've gone through your site and I don't see anything about outhouses being offered for sale or wanted. Warm Regards, Cheryl Hoffarth
  • 6/29 My name is Athena. I live in an original 1893 Victorian home in Delaware and still have the matching original 3 person outhouse in my back yard. I am thinking about selling it but am clueless as to where to find a value for it. Any help or information you would have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time & help it is greatly appreciated. Have A Wonderful Week, Athena
    [Our Response] Hello Athena,
    Value is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to outhouses. You need to take the following into consideration among other things:
    Amount of wood used in it?
    Current condition of the wood?
    Size (1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, etc.)
    Condition in general of it?
    Can it be moved? In other words, is it mounted on a cement platform, etc.
    Who will move it?

    Figure out how much it would cost to build it and then figure in the amount of labor and subtract for the condition.
    There are probably other factors. It could sell any where from $100 to $1000 but it will only sell for what someone is willing to pay. I saw one listed for $1000. It didn't sell.
  • 6/24 Found your site and used it as info for my auction to sell my Moules earth commode. Thanks!


  • 11/4 I dont know that I deserve much credit for the creation. Deb is the real artist in the construction. I cant describe the many and beautiful projects she has created, and I'm sure there are many that I have never seen, She doesn't need me to blow her horn, however, the finishing touches she applied to this "crapper" is proof enough.
  • 11/3 I just ran across this web site and it is fascinating. I live in a very old house in the midwest. You mention you do old wells. About how far down do you have to dig with old wells behind a house? If a pump was over the well, what's the probability of finding things underneath? MM
  • 10/24 My husband & I own property in Upstate New York which is seasonal. We are looking to build an Outhouse but are concerned with the fact that we have a pond & a running spring so we aren't really sure where to put the Outhouse. He is digging a hole about 6 feet deep then putting a black ribbed plastic pipe with holes in. We would more then likely put it on the pond side but it would be more then several hundred feet away from the pond & not directly in it's path. Any information you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kathy
  • 10/21 I am retired and in need of a good hobby. Building model outhouses from scratch, or from kits (if there are such things) sounds like an interesting and fun hobby while displaying some of rural America's finest and oft used buildings. We live on a small farm in Southeastern Wisconsin so this hobby would fit right in as we already have a full size 2 holer in our back yard. Any further information or direction would be welcome and appreciated. Sincerely ;Al
  • 10/20 Hey, thanks so much for the great webpage, wonderful pictures and descriptive comments about the prefab outhouse in the UP of Michigan.
    I live in Maine (originally from Michigan) and am buying some land on a lake. Just figuring out how I can swing the payment for the land and have enough left over to buy a small pre-built cabin delivered to my site, and then realized I'm gonna need to build an outhouse, too.
    I have no idea how to build an outhouse or where to find the plans for one, so of course, I googled "plans to build an outhouse" and voila -- there was your page! Who knew?! I guess it's true you can find absolutely anything on the internet!
    I really like the idea of using the fiberglass roofing for the top walls and roof, which gives all that wonderful light to see by, even at night.
    Now the only thing better would be some dimensions and pictures of how he (you?) built the sections and how they went together at the site.
    Thanks again for a terrific website. It has been extremely helpful.
  • 10/11 My name is Andrew and I am central Minnesota. I am thinking of building myself an outhouse since I live in the middle of nowhere practically on a few acres I bought. My question is: can outhouses these days be "cleaned out", you know by like "Honey Wagon"? I read on your site that they used to fill them up with dirt and move the outhouse over a bit, but this would be a lot of effort (I think.) So nowadays would someone like the infamous "Honey Wagon" be able to pump the cement hole out or would you still have to do it the old fashioned way and move the outhouse over?
    Just curious, Thanks, Andrew
  • 10/7 just a note to let you know I put on a program at senior center. It is called Saturday Nite Alive the theme was out back.I hope your ears were burning I mentioned your name and website a number of times. I put the Sesame Street Can back together and took it. I talked and showed 30 pic on 50 some inch T.V. I showed a VHS of my brother and me pushing the coke outhouse. They all likeed the program and came up after and told of memories of the past they had. Hope you are just fine and will see you in Feb. This was great I had a ball.
  • 10/7 Enjoyed the site...
     In the fifties and early sixties (when I lost touch) the Boy Scouts in the midwest US used the term kybo for outhouse. I don't think it was regional -- everybody at National Jamborees at least knew what a kybo was even if they didn't use the word at home -- but I do think it was limited to the Scouts. Since then, I've rarely heard the word used except by an ex-Scout. Of course, KYBO is an acronym for Keep Your Bowels Open.
    When we had to dig our own open-air latrines at a temporary campsite, well, that's what they were - latrines. However, the wooden structures (2-5 holes) at permanent campgrounds got the fancy title and had a hand carved KYBO wooden sign above the door to prove it. As if we couldn't figure that out. But then again, we had to have a lot of craft projects to fill up the time at camp, so that hand carved KYBO sign was usually pretty new. As plumbing and cement floors slowly reached back into the woods to modernize those structures, the KYBO sign remained on the new building -- only then it was a professional pseudo-rustic wood sign that the Department of the Interior likes to use to make sure we know that we're in the woods.
     We lost a few craft projects but kept the name.
     Randy Spitzer, Providence RI
  • 10/3 Greetings, I am interested in purchasing one of the small outhouses with a mousetrap inside. Do you sell them? Thanks for your reply, Debbie
  • 9/23 I just purchased a 60 year old outhouse named COMFORT INN. I told all my friends I just bought a Comfort Inn and they were welcome to stay there anytime they were in town. Dick Doucette Freeport, Me
  • 9/17 Hi, I’m looking for plans to build an outhouse and I don’t get the drawing when I open up your plans. The materials list and construction details look like what I need. Can you help me get a complete copy of the plans – drawing, materials list and construction details. Thanks. Jerry Sivets [Curator Comment: You have to buy the plans to see them. We sell a nice set of plans to build your own outhouse or outhouse shed in our store. Click the Enter the Store link on our main web page www.jldr.com ]
  • 9/15 Dear sir: I own land that is 50 feet from an old log cabin that was built in 1873. About 100 feet from the cabin on to my land, the green grass is turning yellow. The area is about 4 feet by 4 feet. I am wondering if their could have heen a out house here at one time. If so, I would like to dig it up. How do I know if this is the site of the outhouse. It is south of the cabin, and the land has been graded all around the cabin for new development. Do you know of any way of determing where a out house used to be? Thank you, Howard from South Dakota.
  • 9/13 I live in NE Pennsylvania. I am hopefully going to dig my first outhouse hole this weekend. Is there anything besides a shovel and prybar that I'll need? There was an article in our local newspaper of a guy that does it around here, and it got me inspired. Hopefully it will be productive!! Jennifer
  • 9/13 I remember my Uncle Ben's 'thunderbox', the little green-painted wooden building which had carrying handles so you could move it around the vegetable garden just beyond the orchard. A hole was dug at a new location and the thunderbox lifted into place. It was no fun in winter, shivering by the light of an oil-lamp, but in the summer months one could sit there and gaze over the Vale of Trent (I'm writing from England) towards the hills of Cannock Chase. (The thunderbox had a three-quarter height door so one could look over the top of it). And he grew monster vegetables - cauliflowers and cabbages of truly prize-winning proportions. Oh yes, those were the days! Best Wishes, C. Waller
  • 9/7 I love your website! I was wondering if outhouses are more environmentally friendly than regular toilets? Would you happen to know? Thank you very much for your attention in this matter. Very Truly Yours, J. A. Aragon
  • 9/7 I am a science educator working at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey. I need a picture of an outhouse for a program I am writing and want to know if there are any copywrite problems if I buy such a picture from your store and use it in a museum program. R. Cohen
  • 9/7 Just thought to mention Chic Sale's short film, starring himself: "Lem Putt, the Specialist"
    I don't suppose you would know anyone with a copy ?
    It has been available on VHS
    Best regards, Matthew
  • 9/6 I recently bought property that has a one holer WPA outhouse. It is in perfect shape. Cement floor and riser. The one I have has a serial number stamped in the left corner of the cement floor. Everything is still original, vertical lap siding, tin roof, corrugated metal vent pipe. wood seat.
    Now using it for storing yard tool gasoline cans. Are there people needing this information or are there any group that is need of this information? Did your outhouse have a serial number stamped in the floor? L. Simmons
  • 8/30 Do you know what company manufactured outhouses for Sears in the late 1800's? We have someone calling from Sears asking for that info. They said it was some kind of contest when I called them back as the library was closing. They didn't call us until about 1/2 hour before we closed, and a book or two that "might" have had the answer were checked out on interlibrary loan. Apparently they needed the answer last night for whatever contest it was. If I ever find it out (have a couple of more emails out), I will let you know since your site is the perfect place for this type of trivia. We have a Sears 1898 reproduction catalogue but it wasn't in the index unless they were called something else back then.
  • 8/31 Thanks, John, for replying. I have read the contrary about the moon and star. The moon was to designate a woman’s outhouse as Luna was the goddess of the moon. The star or sunburst denoted a men’s room. The heart was a German symbol, that I know, but it did not say male or female according to the source on line. The moon and sunburst sources came from The Vanishing American Outhouse by Ronald Barlow. So it is the heart that has me stumped. That is the symbol on my outhouse. Today we put it up on Hollywood blocks, tore off the roof which was in bad shape, and are ready to paint and roof.
    I get teased a lot about it—usually from people who do not know its history or ever used one. There are still four million in use today in this country compared to 50 million in the fifties. So this piece of Americana is quickly vanishing from our landscapes. Nadia
  • 8/30 This week I was lucky enough to buy an outhouse after years of searching. It will become a tool shed. I have read about the significance of moons and suns on outhouses. Mine has a heart cut out on the door. All I found was that this was a German symbol. Any idea what it might mean? Nadia
  • 8/28 My parent's folks were from Germany and whenever they had to run out to the outhouse because of the "runs", they used an expression that sounded like shanell collereens. I have no idea what it means but I'm pretty sure the shanell part was a N.Y. accented version of the German word schnell which means something like hurry. It makes sense since if you had the runs, you'd better hurry to the outhouse! But the collereens part has me stumped. Any ideas? Thanks! And thanks for a great site! K. Stanley
  • 8/27 The poop coop
  • 8/16 Say Howdy to Kilroy for me, too!
    That Little Old Shack Out Back
    as performed by Billy Ed Wheeler
    at the West Virginia Folk Festival in the late 60's
    They passed an ordinance in the town:
    they said we'd have to tear it down,
    That little old shack out back so dear to me,
    Though the Health department said,
    "Its day was over and dead"
    It will stand forever in my memory.

    Don't let em tear that little brown building down,
    Don't let em tear that precious building down,
    Don't let em tear that little brown building down,
    For there's not another like it in the country or the town.

    It was not so long ago that I went trippin' through the snow
    Out to that house behind my old hound dog
    Where I would sit me down to rest like a snowbird on his nest
    and read the Sears and Roebuck catalog
    I would hum a happy tune,
    Peepin' through the quarter-Moon,
    As my daddy's kin had done before;
    It was in that quiet spot,
    That daily cares could be forgot...
    It gave the same relief to rich and poor.
    Don't let em tear that little brown building down,
    Don't let em tear that precious building down,
    Don't let em tear that little brown building down,
    For there's not another like it in the country or the town.

    Now it was not a castle fair
    But I could build my future there,
    an' build my castles to the yellow jacket's drone:
    I could orbit round the Sun,
    Fight with General Washington,
    Or be a King upon his golden throne.

    It wasn't fancy built at all.
    It had newspapers on the wall
    It was air-conditioned in the wintertime;
    It was just a humble hut but its door would never shut,
    And a man could get inside without a dime.

    Don't let em tear that little brown building down,
    Don't let em tear that precious building down,
    Don't let em tear that little brown building down,
    For there's not another like it in the country or the town.

    I was born in 1953 and I can remember my times back when I was a kid myself.
  • 8/14 I’m looking for info on the earth closet 1869 as I have one and would perhaps like to sell it. Please pass on any info you may have to help me on value of it. Thanks a lot, Barbara
  • 8/12 Am looking to purchase a Thos Crapper & Co Ltd sign, or a repro TC manhole cover. Might you have anything or any suggestion? Thanks, Is mise le meas
  • 8/10 I too was a civil engineer in Charleston about the time you were here, I graduated from WV Tech. in August 1977 and worked at Milam Engineering in the late 70's and early 80's. So, after reading your narrative on Billy Ed Wheeler's ode to the Little Brown Shack I was wondering who you are, mind telling me your name?
  • 8/9 Would you have any building plans for handicapped-accessible outhouses? [No]
  • 8/1 I’m interested in knowing what one of the June 15 1869{stamped on brass flush handle} Earth Commode is worth as I’ve had one for many years. It was found in my father-in-laws barn attic. I’ve used it as a side table and conversation piece. I’m leery to take it to antique dealer for true estimate. Can you give me any advice? It is the same as your picture on web identified as Moule’s Patent Earth Commode Pat. 1869. Thanks for your interest and help, B. Knight
  • 7/26 I am inquiring about the 5-holer in Nash County, NC pictured on your website. Do you have further information as to where it is located? I was playing Trivial Pursuit the other night and one of the questions asked, "In what state does Nash County boast a 5-holer?" I just moved near Nash County and would love to check this place out! Cheers, L. Hawley
  • 7/21 I have been looking for a shelf like the one on your page that your friend makes. Where would I find one at to purchase?
  • 7/20 I saw the patooie? at your store. I bought one. What mechanism did you use to make it spit as people walked by? Can I do this with mine AND WHERE DO i GET NEEDED PARTS? Thank you H. Koech
  • 7/19 Hi, I'm a freelance writer for the Berkshire Eagle, a daily newspaper in Pittsfield, MA, and I am working on a story about outhouses; specifically the poster "Outhouses of the Berkshires" by Dan Dougherty. I wondered if you had heard about this poster and can elaborate why there is such nostalgia about outhouses.
  • 7/19 Howdy John, I came across your site today and am i glad i did.I just had a short look around and it is amazing. I"ll be here for a few days at break and lunch looking and reading all the neat stuff at work.Hope you get to see and fly Howie again.Sorry to read about Kaiser.He was still young at 8.Well i"ll go now and enjoy your site and get back to you again someday. God bless America What a great nebourgh country to have. Richard
  • 7/18 Hello, I built a pinewood derby car that looks like an outhouse. If you would like a picture or two for your website let me know. Doug
  • 7/28 I would be very curious to know who sent the December 1, 2002 comments to your sight. Since my father (Neil Urich) was an only child and he had 4 daughters it seems rather interesting that one would indicate their uncle grew up on the farm. Would it be possible to obtain that info.
  • 7/6 I've found your site while doing some background research for tours of our wastewater treatment plant, and was intrigued by the Earth Closet article. Some people today still experiment with that, in the form of "Humanure". Are you aware of this site? http://www.sewerhistory.org/articles/trtmnt/trtmnt.htm
    He has a huge site here, but at the top of that page, there is an article from 1877 that also mentions Earth Closets in the US. The earth closet info starts on page 10 of the PDF. Hope that might be interesting to the original Earth Closet owner, etc mentioned on your pages. Looks like it was more common in the UK than the US, but definitely happening here some, too.
  • 7/5 My father said that the term Chic Sales came from Sears & Roebuck. Sears & Roebuck in the 30’s & 40’s advertised in their catalog a complete “Chic Sales”.
  • 6/30 I bought an old orchard farm and want to sell the outhouse. Is there a market for it?
  • 6/26 Dear Outhouses of America, I’d be very interested to know if it is advisable, or not, to add kitchen compost (potato & carrot peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.) to the outhouse. Do you know? I came across your site…..and a good one it is……while trying to google for the answer. Thanks for any help. Esther De Vos [Curator's response: Hello Esther, It is not advisable!
    Add that stuff to a compost pile, not to your valued outhouse! If you want to add anything, add some lime. Read about what kind of lime to add on our FAQ page. http://www.jldr.com/faqs.html#lime
  • 6/26 This was really funny. If you woulf keep me updated, I'd apperciate it. Why Lawson
  • 6/24 There was a plaque on Grandma's privy wall that read:

    Here I sit all broken-hearted,
    Came to shit & only farted!

    After Grandma had a modern bathroom installed, another plaque with a coin slot read: This bathroom sure cost me a lot of dough So please I ask, wo'nt you pay as you go?
  • 6/22 Do you know how I might contact the holder of the copyright for Ed Wheeler's outhouse song? [No]
  • 6/20 some where i have picture of a brink out house, when i was a kid they were everywhere. there is only one standing that i know of. if your interested, i'll hunt it up and email it to you. keep in touch
  • 6/20 [This is quite interesting!] The new Supermarket near our house has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of a thunderstorm and the smell of fresh rain. When you approach the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and witness the scent of fresh butter fat. When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of eggs frying. So far I have been too afraid to go down the toilet paper aisle.
  • 6/19 I'm looking for directions on how to build and use a probe to locate the old outhouse site in my yard. Do you have pictures and directions? Let me know. Thanks Steve
  • 6/18 I, too, have a night shirt with the outhouses of Michigan from Victor Hayes and actually had the pleasure of meeting him while I was at Torch Lake, Michigan. I was so taken by him and his artwork that I bought three of his sketches--two outhouses and a barn. I am moving to the British Virgin Islands and cannot take them with me. Therefore, I would like to sell them to someone that would appreciate them since they were from such an incredible man. Please let me know if you can help me find a new, deserving home for them. Not asking much, just that they would be taken care of.
  • 6/14 Hello, im looking to rent a portable outhouse for a construction site just outside of westport, if you could please email me back with a quote that would be greatly appreciated.
  • 6/10 Here is a bit of history about the Gays Illinois 2 story outhouse. As a boy 7 years old my father lived in the apartment with his parents, brother and 2 sisters. My father (Bill Weaver) gathered coal on the big 4 railroad tracks to sell to the residents of the apartment. The 2 story outhouse had a small coal stove on each floor. Each time someone went into the outhouse they would take a few pieces of coal for the stove to keep it going so the outhouse would stay warm. Winters were cold snow drifts were often 6 ft deep, there were no bathrooms in the apartments. The Weaver family later moved to Mattoon. My father met my mother after high school in Mattoon and they were married. Being a young couple with not much money they moved to Gays and lived in the apartment with the 2 story outhouse. My father worked in the ammunition plant in Mattoon during WWII. I can barely remember living in the apartment as a boy of 3 years old. I remember I use to like to run out to the outhouse door and back to the apartment on the second floor walkway. I can remember riding a tricycle on the second floor walkway too. G. Weaver
  • 5/31 Worked for Harry Gidley for 15 years, last of the true gentlemen. Sad the last few years of his life. R. Graley
  • 5/30 I want to purchase a real outhouse for our farm in cochrane alberta. Can you help me? experience a rocky mountain high
  • 5/29 Nothing is so fresh
    Or back to the past
    Where did those lil houses go
    Where I used to wipe my .......
  • 5/23 Can you email regarding your outhouses? Thanks great site.
  • 5/15 Wondering if you could help. I found this bottle about a week ago on a dive trip to South Carolina. The wreck I found it on is commonly referred to as the "Governor" but is believed to be the "Swanee". The ship was a paddle wheel steamer and went down in the 1870s. I have numerous small artifacts from this site, but this is by far the nicest. I found it without the stopper in place but within inches of one another. The substance inside is hard and appears black almost like tar. I dug about 3/4 of an inch of it out which was loose for analysis, but chose to leave the remaining in place. The glass has a texture to it, almost like tiny lines all through it. The bottle appears to have been blown into a mold with a line apparent at the base of the neck and bottom. The substance that I removed appears red when wet and worked in the fingers under running water. Thanks, Gary
    [Answer: The bottle as described, and as I can make out in the photo, would be consistent with the 1870’s date mentioned for the sunken boat. A bottle with a glass stopper usually means that it held something meant to be used over a length of time, and/or refilled. Often the glass stopper and the inside of the bottle neck were both ground to make the fit more perfect. This is still done, particularly in perfume bottles. However, I don’t think this bottle is a perfume…too plain. I assume there is no embossing on it. The lines described are often called ground lines. These were called by the imperfect glass mixture being leached out by moisture along the mixture swirls.
    It would be difficult to say what the bottle held. It is plain and utilitarian, and the nature of its contents is up for conjecture, with no more clued that this. It is however, a genuine 19th century artifact…a piece of a time period preserved in glass. Charlie Cook in Louisiana Bayou Country
  • 5/15 My name is Sue Roberts and I live in the UK in Yorkshire. I came across your website whilst searching for information about Edward Johns & Co Ltd sanitaryware.
    Firstly, please accept my sincere condolences following the loss of 'Kaiser'. We have had German Shepherd Dogs as pets for many years, and each time we lose one it breaks our heart. We always say that we're not having another one as the loss is too great, but always change our minds as living without one is hard too. Our current GSD is 'Cassie', a longhaired female, who is one of the sweetest, gentlest, good natured dogs I ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone have as part of the family. I hope that time eases the loss of Kaiser for you.
    The purpose of my e mail is to ask if you have any further information at all on the 'Dolphin' WC's on your website? We recently moved house and in one of the bathrooms, we have an original Edward John's 'fish' WC and matching wash hand basin. I can honestly say, I've never seen anything like it in my life! It's just so funny, although my 10 year old daughter hates it and wants us to replace it as it's in her bathroom! The information I have so far is that Edward Johns & Co Ltd ceased producing sanitaryware in the 1950's, but I would love to be able to find out the age of the WC and basin, and if it has any value if possible.
    I would appreciate any info or comments you may have.
    Kind regards from a very very wet Yorkshire!
    Sue Roberts
  • 5/13 Hello, Webmaster! I stumbled across your page featuring the 1869 Earth Closet found by Mark Henderson. I'm making a documentary on the history of the toilet (no, really, I am) and wondered if it might be possible to put me in touch with Mr. Henderson. Many thanks in advance...T. Schillinger
  • 5/9 JLO - here is a pal for you - a lady that moves old outhouses to her own property!
  • 5/7 We now have a modern one in the lower part of Michigan and it to has a nice resting spot near White Rock Park just built in 2004. Check it out for the park and nice little paved walk with the Indian names of many trees.
  • 5/7 Dear sir. I'm doing a Grange program on out houses I saw one one on slides about 15 years ago the man since died. If you know of any one ore where I can get a video Please let me Know Sincerley L. Slingerland
  • 4/27 Great Site, for some warped reason I have always looked at toilets, a fascination, why, who knows. From, as a kid, dropping penny bangers into the girls pan at the Horsham swimming hole on the Wimmera River, hosing down the night cart driver when a rusty pan bottom dropped out when carrying it on his shoulder. We could stand well away with the hose. Cobber of mine south of Horsham, where is it, post hole digger would dig a hole, loo then dragged over it because it had skids. Only problem was it was never in the same spot and it was dangerous to walk around looking for it, the holes where never filled. But it still is the best place to read a book. Anton Pallot Melbourne Victoria [it works upside down] Australia.
  • 4/17 Hi, I saw your website on outhouses, it's a pretty cool site. I wanted to tell you that if you are ever planing a trip to Wisconsin, try Door County. (aka the thumb of Wisconsin) Peninsula State Park would be a hotspot for pit toilets, I would know as I camp there every year, and if you venture out of the park, there are a ton of old outhouses to be seen everywhere. If you aren't planning a trip to Wisconsin (which you probably aren't) then I could take pictures of outhouses and send them to you. My cousin and I do a "tour" on out bikes finding outhouses and pit toilets and rating them, much like your site. If I find an interesting one, I'll send it to you.
  • 4/16 Hi there!!
    I happened to stumble into your web-site as I was trying to find additional information on Virginia Sale. She was Chic Sale's sister and was married to Sam Wren. The two of them were apparently well known character actors in their own right. Sam went on to become a successful and busy Stage Director. When I was young, we lived in a "Inn" located in NH. This Inn was previously owned by Sam and Virginia. I've found a large amount of books and such with both Sam's and Virginia's names on them as well as several copies of Chic Sale's books.
    I'd like to find some way to get in touch with the Sale's family to see if they have any interest in the material that I have. If possible, I'd like to leave my e-mail address and see if they contact me.
    Thanks for your time, Dana Donahue
  • 3/30 I'm looking for a crescent moon outdoor light that turns on for about 15 seconds, and the off for a similar amount. Any ideas?
  • 3/28 In my early youth we had an OUTHOUSE and was located about 100 feet from our home in upstate NY. Thanks for the memory.
    One more thought. we lived in Zion until 1936 and just wondering if the Mudgett's who purchased this landmark could be related. Best regards. Ted
  • 3/25 Hi! I like your website. Two weeks ago I started my first outhouse dig. I know enough about the history of the land to know it was started and closed in the last 50-75 years. It had a concrete base and toilet with only three rods left where the seat used to be. Also, it had a wooden outline with anchor points were the walls had been.
    Anyway, after the concrete was moved aside, I had to pick through about 2 feet of nearly solid rockcrete to get to the dirt. I hit "sheist" yesterday. Strangely, the dirt went from its normal orange and brown clay-like stuff to a hard, but more powdery than clay-like, white dirt. Is this lime that has been poured in? If so, would the lime still have its normal acidity level?
    How far down would a modern privy have been dug in a rocky terrain? Also, there is a tear-drop shaped indent a few feet away. Could it have been a previous hole?
    Thanks and Happy Diggin' Nancy
  • 3/23 The double-dumper was originally built behind what use to be GAMMILL’S general store and you could access the top perch from the ground but I never saw a weather event that made this necessary.
  • 3/17 Helllo! I was interested in buying one of these towel racks. Could you possibly e-mail the price of them? Thank you! T. Kramer
  • 3/13 Hi there! I absolutely love your site! Do the folks that send you pictures leave an e-mail address where they can be contacted. I would love to get the dimensions of a particular one that I want my hubby to build for me for storage. (he doesn't know it yet!) Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Happy Dumpings! Diane
  • 3/14 Hi John, Hope the race went well,when will you post the pictures ????? ZIM.
  • 3/2 Speaking of outhouses, I just spent a week at Philmont Boy Scout High Adventure Ranch in New Mexico, and they have a very strange outhouse culture there. The bigger outhouses on the trails have red shingle roofs and are called "Red Roof Inns." Most of them are "pilot to co-pilot" with two holes side by side. The smaller jobs are way out on the trail and are boxes over a pit..."pilot to bombadier" where you sit back to back. My son and I are still laughing about it.
    Cheers, G. Wood
  • 3/1 In my great uncles memoirs of life in Bedford County Va he refers to the outhouse as the "Chick Saler." Can't find out what this means.
    Here's the passage...
    The house was connected to the kitchen by a breezeway. Kitchens in those days were not an integral part of the house. The cook, black Lena King, lived in here boudoir over the top of the kitchen, and reached by and outside staircase. Next to the house and kitchen was the ash house, a lovely place for small boys to play and get dirty, and to find many things that had come from the fireplaces and stoves. The smokehouse and carriage shed were not far away and back of them was the woodpile and the milking yard. The chicken house was next to the ash house, separated by a small vegetable garden. The chicken yard was surrounded by a grape arbor at the end of which were luscious figs. Back of the chicken yard was the Chick Saler, a three-hole job, I remember, which was in use before we put bathrooms in the house.
    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Garland Wood, Williamsburg, VA
  • 2/26 We own a plantation in South Carolina. I have recently become interested in privy digging. The original plantation house was built in 1774 and is still there. I have searched some for the privy but have been unsuccessful. I was wondering what kind of information you could give me to help me find the privy. I was wondering how far the privy may be from the house? Really I would like to know what to look for. Any information you could give to help me I would greatly appreciated. Thanks, Luke
  • 2/26 i have always wondered what the half moon on an outhouse represents. do you know? [Look at our FAQ page]
  • 2/22 I read with interest and enjoyment your input into the 2/19/06 article on Trenary, MI in the Detroit News. Please visit our website, www.outhouseopen.com for a few more laughs and history of our great golf outing which is in its 37th year. If you like, I will U. S. mail you a 2006 invitation as we have not yet entered the new flyer on this website.
    Also, each year I provide participants (150 or so) with a outhouse related item. I have briefly looked at your store and possibly we can “swing a deal”.
    Flushingly Yours, T. J. Rivard, Tournament Director Outhouse Open Golf Tornament
  • 2/22 I have two cement outhouses at my house. They are cement roof sides and floor and were put up in the early 20s. I live in the old Lawrence School house outside Westfield, Wi. A whole bunch of people tell me about the times they often used the outhouses. I would send you pictures if you like.
  • 2/21 The public one-way glass outhouse in Switzerland is really an art project from a local art school. I don't believe it is functional nor meant to be. It appears to be located in the middle of the street, and I don't believe this is a very practical permanent location, with cars passing so close and no guard rails. Of course, the reflections would be distracting to drivers. Another hint as to it's impracticality is nighttime interior lighting. You wouldn't want to groping around in there in the dark, so turning on a light would make you visible from the outside in spite of the reflective glass. Bob
  • 2/21 Love your web site.How did your pet pass-on? We lost our "Goldie " trough a cancer operation a few years back, and it is still hard to talk about it....[bloat-the stomach twisted]
    Your web appeared in an article in the Detroit News Sunday paper, about a Trenary Michigan annual classic outhouse race. There were no details of the race?
    I too am a flying nut...Flew in more home-bulits,and stunt plains, but never had a licenses. allso a photagropher,and many stories about all the above
    IM 76 yrs old guy who would like to watch some crazy people have fun.....B. Zimmerman (Zim)
  • 2/19 having a log cabin on the Muskegon river in Northern lower Michigan and using an outhouse there since age 4. I truly appreciate your page. In fact the cabin is located in Osceola county where one of your newer pictures seems to be taken.
    I have to mention, that some of the picture you have are not true outhouses. A "true outhouse" is one that has a hole in the ground and the "contents" degrade into the ground like a septic system without the tank.
    Some of the pictures you have like that of Yates cider mill, which is located a few mile from my down state home are not "true outhouses" but cement cesspools that are pumped out on a regular basis like permanent porta potty's.
    Matt in Shelby Township, MI
  • 2/18 It's Gotta Go! What if a person has a real out house FOR SALE built about in late 1800's - made of pecky cypress and cedar shingled roof - a real beauty!? It comes from a plantation in south Louisiana. This is a house that will lose it's home due to "progress". I will send pictures if this a place to place the add!! What a "darn tootin" way to go. regards donna and greg
  • 2/17 I found your website, and it's very interesting. I also have a CCC outhouse that has been restored. I'll be glad to tell you about it and send you pix if you're interested. I wouldn't mind having them posted, as long as somebody doesn't decide they need it worse than I do! It is original to my husband's family farm, but we've moved it to the house we live in now, the old house was torn down last year. It has a concrete floor and stool with original wooden seat & lid. The floor has WPA stamped in the concrete. I'd appreciate any information that you may have about it, it's possible value, etc. My husband brought it back to the place and placed it in the backyard for a birthday present for me! I was thrilled to get it! His uncle had it at his place for several years and restored it. I just love it. Thanks, A. Calk Silver Valley, TX
  • 2/14/06 I have it on good authority that the germanic peoples used a pinklebaum as a repository for liquid waste when an outhouse was not readily available. This might make an interesting aside as I can almost imagine a pinklebaum race! Perhaps after several six packs or a large pail of U.P. german style...

    For myself... I can remember one cold December night in Michigan's U.P. The melody of, O pinklebaum, o pinklebaum, wie treu sind deine Blätter!
    Du grünst nicht nur
    zur Sommerzeit,
    Nein auch im Winter, wenn es schneit.
    O pinklebaum, o pinklebaum,
    wie treu sind deine Blätter!

    wafted through my head as I took mental note of its great beauty after trudging a short distance through the snow from the door of the cabin, while clad in night-shirt and slippers... after falling several times, I stood in admiration of the growing yellow ring decorating its base. Looking up with wonder at the surrounding starry sky... I recall thinking; How lovely they twinkle as if fastened to and radiating from its branches!... As a ledge of snow slid from them nearly burying me in a frozen, white, U.P. embrace, hiding every trace of my recent amber adornment and seating me, shoulder deep in its icy, diamond-like, winter splendor.
    I never did find those damn slippers!
    D. Pierce
  • 2/13 I am trying to find a cute poem to put in an outhouse to remind people not to throw paper into the hole but to put it in the trash and remove it before they leave. Do you have any suggestions or places I can visit to find something along these lines? Of do you know of a site where I might find some cute clipart to make my own?
  • 2/10 When I attended girl scout day camp, for some reason, the outhouse was called the teepee.
  • 2/9 Do the Outhouse plans that you sell on your web site include everything you need to build the outhouse pictured, including a materials list? What size is the outhouse? How are the plans sent, by mail or by email? [The plans are plans and they have a materials list but the materials are not included!]
  • 2/6 just wanted to say hi to all and wish i could be home this year for the races instead im on the beach in myrtle beach s.c. - will be missing you - malison
  • 2/3 I was surfing the web looking for photos of outhouses when I found your link to "Norwalk Ohio Outhouses" This caught my attention because I am originally from that area. The outhouse in front of the restaurant looked very familiar. Then I realized that it is my brother-in-law's restaurant, the Bailey Lakes Restaurant. It is actually in Ashland Ohio. What a suprise! DP Syracuse, NY
  • 2/1 I found your site by using a search engine for outhouses. I just sent you an email but not sure if it went. I apologize if you received this 5 or 6 times because it looked like it wasn't actually sending using the email on your website. I make outhouses, life size out of old barnwood. They have a crescent moon on the door. I use 2 x 2's for the bottom framing, they have a floor, no seat but you could add a real toilet, camp toilet, or composting toilet. They are great for storing gardening tools in. They look great for that decorator who has a log cabin and wants to look authentic. I will send you a picture if you would like. This would be an opportunity for you to be able to furnish real outhouses for your customers. They could be shipped directly to them. I am checking on the price of shipping. If you are interested, let me know.
  • 1/30 I was wondering if you would know of anyplace online or otherwise where I could get a quote or appraisal on how much an outhouse from 1918 would be worth? I live in Newark, NY, which is right outside of Rochester, NY. My fiance and I bought our house last year, it was built in 1918, and the original outhouse was still in the backyard. We contacted our local town historical society, and they are very interested in getting the outhouse, but cannot give us any idea of how much it would be worth. It is in pretty good condition, all things considered. Just wondered if you would have any information. Thanks. E. Woerner
  • 1/14/06 We called it the "Necessary". By the way, my father's last name before his parents changed it when they moved to the states was "outhouse". In the original Dutch it meant any building away from the main village. Later it came to mean any building away from the main house but NOT what we now know as the outhouse. That was called the privy, wc, toilet, necessary, loo, etc. There are many "outhouse" family all over the us and canada.
  • 1/1/2006 hey ,love your site.this spot i go digging is not a privy but its on a hilly creekbed in northern california.i think it was an old burn pile/dump.most of the stuff i find is clear but i ve seen evidence of some real old stuff.mostly broken glass in the creek.im just wondering,how deep should i dig?i feel like im just waistin my time cause all i find is screw tops and brown cork top clorox bottles and clear medicines. the area has aqua blue broken glass everywhere but i just cant seem to find the old stuff.seems like they stopped dumping there in the 40's.thanks, glenn


  • 12/29 Congrats on your NPR interview debut. Caught it this AM early on WDET with one eye open..... Am I the dentist of a celebrity now? Too, too funny! HZALD, DDS
  • 12/28 The reason for my contacting you is to see if you or someone you know may be interested in purchasing an outhouse collection? I have pictures of the collection and would be happy to email them to you. There is a number of items in the collection. It is my husbands 72 year old uncle that has been collecting for 30 years or a little longer. He has recently moved from Racine, Wisconsin to Red Bay, Alabama and has had to down size his collection and he has put me in charge of trying to sell his collection. I am not exactly sure of the number of items in his collection, but I am sure that he has at least one and more of some of these items in his collection:
    postcards, banks, salt & pepper shakers (naked lady, hurry, wooden, ceramic shakers,etc.), music boxes, books, snapshot pictures, photo album/scrapbook, Rumph mugs, squirting gag outhouses, black boys, hillbilly wall plaque sets, wall pictures, prints not framed, pig outhouses, Vintage Voices News Paper Fall 1981 news paper and novelty items, etc.
  • 12/27 To whom it may concern, I was just wondering how would I get me team signed for the races in 2006? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, B. Mingori
  • 12/26 I too have photographed the Nahma Junction outhouse. It is a nice one!! My family thought I was off my rocker when I made them stop. It has now become a family joke. I am collecting my own shots now and even have family scouting out locations. I refer to it as Shitter Shooting. Boone Illinois has a good supply so that keeps me busy with the changing seasons. I just enjoy knowing that there are others with my oddball hobby!
  • 12/11 Hi There!
    My Mother was at the Institute for the Blind in Boston many years ago, after losing her eyesight, and the Outhouse song was sung for her. It was such a wonderfully happy part of her life and has been remembered often by her surviving children including me.
    THANKS!! L. Flanders
  • 12/9 [An article about our site] Outhouses of America Tour
    Today we prove that there is a website out there dedicated to everything.
    Surprisingly, there is a lot of great free site content here. Just scroll down past the commercial stuff and we will start our tour with the navigation area. This site is divided into categories: Definitions, Trivia etc., Real Outhouses, Models & Miscellaneous, Drawings and Funny Postcards, and An Exploding Outhouse.
    The Definitions section tells you what an outhouse really is, and other things it can be called, for example, a privy.
    The first thing in the Trivia section really is worth seeing. This poster of the poem The Passing of a Backhouse has all these little characters drawn on it, and they're all saying something. It's really neat. If you want to just read the poem without straining your eyes, just go to the next link in the section and read the illustrated version.
    The History of Thomas Crapper and a Collection of Antique Loos shows old toilet and plumbing fixtures that were designed by Thomas Crapper. I would follow up by reading the section Flushed with Pride the story of Thomas Crapper. This man revolutionized the water closet (W.C.) with his inventions in sanitation, but he did not invent the water closet. His history is a very interesting read. If you want to read more I suggest following the link back to the Thomas Crapper & Co. site.
    Next I'd like to talk about the Outhouse Diggers section. Digging Up the Past was fairly remarkable reading about these men who dig up outhouses and all the things they would find, like antique glass bottles and tools, saws, adzes, cups, plates, tooth brushes, and other odds and ends.
    In the next section, Real Outhouses, there is an entire gallery of pictures of actual outhouses.
    The Models and Miscellaneous section has hand-made models of outhouses, outhouse collectors, and much more. There is just too much to list.
    Drawing and Funny Postcards has drawings, animations, postcards... yep, all of outhouses. I liked the rocket-powered outhouse the best.
    At first I thought the Exploding Outhouse would involve demolitions. Then I found out it was a cleverly crafted toy/model of an outhouse. You put a quarter in it. That sets off the trigger, and the outhouse explodes. It's really neat with great pictures. Check it out!
    ~ Amanda
  • 12/9 My name is Shawn and I'm from a company called WorldStart. Your site was recently featured in our Computer Tips Newsletter as the Cool Site Of The Day. We did a review and recommend it to all of our 215,000 readers.
  • 12/8 I am a student at Florida international university and was asked a very hard question about outhouses perhaps you know the answer. if i needed a scientific instrument called a "left handed quodlibet" where would I go to seek information about a piece of equipment used in locating the proper position of an outhouse?
    [a left handed quodlibet is a probe ]
    lol found out the naswer turns out he likes pranks the real question is hidden inside the other one. the true question he said was if you needed a scientific instrument where would you seek information on it? and the answer is a scientific dictionary
  • 12/3 We are considering a business to build outhouses. Do you sell them? build them, or just use them? Janis
  • 11/29 [Now here is something that really makes me feel great about maintaining this Tour!] I am a Middle School Administrator and during a conversation with one of my 8th grade boys, he ask me if I would like to see something 'cool'. Your site is what he pulled up. He read from top to bottom and ended with emotion that too many of our citizens lack. I asked him what he thought of the site and his comment was.........I am proud to be able to say that I am free and I want to go into military service when I am older to help protect America from evil. He said that it made him angry when people talk or refuse to stand when the Pledge of Allegiance is said. It saddens me to see that a 14 year old has more respect for the country that we call home than the prominent 'leaders' that find so much fault. Thank you for your site and for enlightening a young mind and heart.
  • 11/15 Do you sell any outhouses? We are looking for one as a Christmas gift.
  • 11/12 I have a camp house with no water, no electricity in the swamp near me. It is deep in the Oconee river swamp, and the water goes high most every year. The camp house is 15 feet above the ground (even then the water got about 6 feet deep inside a few years ago). I want to build an outhouse for it, but am wondering the best way to do it. I was going to just build it on the ground, but the river will carry it off. I figure my options are to build it off the ground, or put it on barrels, so it will float, and tie it off. Any advice? [Build a mooring and attach chains and then let it float up. Problem is that water is really powerful so it may not be there when you return.]
  • 11/10 I am interested in learning the costs of the different prefab concrete outhouses you have for sale, as well as whether your price includes set up. Thanks
  • 11/9 I wanted to let you know that we have picked your domain as one of our Strange Domains. I would really like to get more information from you about the site (what was the inspiration, any interesting stories that relate to it, etc..).
  • 11/3 Your awesome you smell like shit. CHRISTINE O'LEARY [Hmmmm, you do too!]
  • 11/3 I have a out house , possilbly for sale. What can I do? The farm house was built in 1877 and is also for sale. Located in N. Ill. Out house is in great shape.
  • 10/27 what is this ? u have facts on thomas crapper at all and i thought i took use this to help me with my report well guess what it won't i think............i probably didn't read all but i read a lot to know this is garage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [You fail!!!]
  • 10/26 When I was a child in California, my mother - who was from Nevada - had an old 78 record of a partly sung version of 'The Specialist'...which I learned by heart at the time...
    I am approaching 70 now and am trying to reconstruct the song. I have quite a lot of it. I emigrated to New Zealand in 1968 and many rural places still had outhouses as a matter of course. It was here in NZ that I found the BOOK 'I'm a Specialist' that, I assume the song was derived from.
    I'd still like to find all the words to the 'song' version which rhymed. Can you point the way? I can't remember the singer/reciter's name on the record which was probably from the late '20s. Probably on Decca or RCA Victor.
    Cheers from New Zealand, Ms C. Dawson
  • 10/22 I have been to several Caribou Coffee stores. In the men’s restroom they each have a framed photo of three outhouses. Have you seen this photo and would you have any idea where I may purchase this photo? Thank you for your help. R. Perkins
  • 10/20 hi there i'm looking to purchase a full size outhouse in eastern pa lancaster or anywhere nearby as a gag gift for christmas can you help me thanks jim
  • 10/19 Came across your website today. You need to come to Alaska where we still build and use outhouses. Even in parts of Fairbanks (the second largest city in Alaska) there are still outhouses in use. I have several friends that live in not so remote areas that have them. Come on up to Gods Country and see for your self. Bob
  • 10/23 Enjoyed your site!!
    In my younger years I worked with a former WAC. She had been stationed in SE Asia during WWII. All the "facilities" were outhouses, one night after she and another WAC had completed natures call they reported to the MP's that they had heard breathing noises at the facility. After a search the MP's found a Japanese soldier hiding in the pit under the holes to listen for any information that would help the Japanese Army. I wonder how the candidates were picked for that job.
    From The Heart Of Dixie Harold
  • 11/8 I read about you in the Detroit Free Press. I happen to have a little soft-cover book titled Backhouses of the North by Muriel E. Newton-White and published by Highway Biook Shop - Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. 1972 first; 1991 26th.
    I am wondering if you have a copy and, if not, would you like this one? I picked it up for $3 and would like to donate it to your collection. Please let me know! [I didn't have a copy but I do now! Thanks to this person.]
  • 10/16 just a question.. while visiting the store yesterday there was a horrible odor in the air around the area, we were just wondering if this was something from the outhouse or was it a nearby farm?? we thought since you advertise the outhouse we just assumed the odor was coming from the store...
  • 10/16 I enjoyed reading the Free Press article about your "Out-House" hobby. An old aunt of mine (that resided in Colorado Springs), had a similar hobby. She died 20 years ago (at the sge of 97), and left me a very strange item, in her will. It seems in her world travels, she photographed "Out-Houses". Every shape & size----even has a two-storied model. She bound them all in a hand made album, with a hand-painted wooden cover. [Curator's Comment: I did end up picking up this unbelievable photo album. Words cannot describe it. The pictures are all labeled with where the outhouse is along with the year. Each picture also has silver glitter glued around the picture. Priceless!]
  • 10/12 I have a Moule earth closet in my Maine museum, but it is in poor condition, missing the china splash guard and tray. I would be pleased to offer a token small cash contribution for one, as mentioned, in pristine condition. Too bad the earth closet lost out to the water closet. Moule's invention conserved high quality potable water and at the same time returned to the earth the nutrients to whence they had come. (America has lost 6" of topsoil)
  • 10/12 Howdy, I need a deodorant for my outhouse at my mountain cabin that will zap the stink but wont kill the good bugs that eat the dudu. Any suggestions? [Nose plugs]
  • 10/6 Hi, believe it or not, my last name is Outhouse. I married into the wonderful family just over two years ago. A little embarassed at first but now love the name. It's alot of fun. I typed in outhouse to see what would come up and this website appeared. I can't wait to show it to my husband. Our wedding table center pieces where wooden outhouses that we purchased at a craft store here in Oregon and the wedding party decorated and painted them. There is also a family historical society and reunions. Just to let you know, Outhouses go beyond just being Shi--ers.
  • 10/5 I have a modest collection of outhouse related postcards. If you'd like to add them to your postcard section, I'll send you some hi-res scans. I also have a late 1970s photo I took of the outhouse behind our old home in Penryn, California with a "Poisonous Gas" sign affixed to the door! Let me know, and I'll send a scan of that one too.
  • 10/4 Dear John, after reading the article in the Traverse City paper about your hobby, I thought you might be interested in something I have! A very very old outhouse door. What is unique about it is that it has the cresent moon, doorknob, and a bird house. It is about 74 inches tall x 30 inches wide. It is made of 3/4" thick tongue and groove vertical boards and is very heavy. It is very old with weathered whitewashed finish (very little left on it). My husband bought it at an antique store many years ago and was in the living room as a conversation piece! It has never been outside as long as I have had it.
  • 10/3 John - read your Free Press article. I'm a member of the "SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF WOODEN TOILET SEATS" an outgrowth of "The International Concatenated Order Of Hoo-Hoo" - a lumber fraternity, whose genesis dates back to 1892. Would like to establish contact with you. Gordon Graham
  • 9/30 How far away from the house was the out house put? Was it different in each century? Thank you Marsha [Don't know exactly. Usually 50 to 100 feet. No, although in later centuries people were taller so for the same steps you could place it farther away!]
  • 9/28 hey, heard you on the radio (97.1 )... interesting site.. lots of funny pics. My in-laws have a place in RoseCity, Michigan that has a two seater outhouse. Its no longer in use but i always thought it was funny. Dont think i would want to sit next to someone doing their business. When i get up there next, i will take pics and forward them on to you! keep up the good work!
  • 9/26 Outhouse SMELLS!!! I just want our hothouse up north to last longer than five years. How do we get the contents down the hole to self compost? [Use a small amount of dirt layered over the top of the crap or use the proper kind of lime (see our FAQ page). Call a pumper to pump it out!]
  • 9/6 I am a volunteer for the Little Loomhouse in Louisville, KY. The Little Loomhouse is a non profit organization dedicated to keeping the art of weaving alive. Anyway, the physical buildings are designated Landmarks- there are 3 cabins and a dilapitated outhouse that we fondly refer to as the 4th Historic Structure. Please click on the link below to view our 4th historic structure.
    Anyway, our outhouse is in need of some major TLC. While surfing the Internet for outhouse restoration information, I came across your website. Since you seem to be the outhouse efficienado, I thought you might be able to tell us if you are aware of any grants or other charitable donations that might be availble for outhouse restoration.
    I appreciate any assistance you can offer and I totally enjoyed your website! [Sorry. Don't know of anything.]
  • 9/5 [From Brazil!] Dear Mr. I´m a student and I´m going a research about: "Belo Horizonte´s bathroom: from Art Deco to contemporary constructions. This research intends to study the layout of bathroons, the characteristics of the design and materials used in metal pieces, ceramics, furnitures, accessories, wall and floor finishing and cielin, identifying contemporary characteristics and, if possible, identifying elements of the past that influence actual design. The knowledges obtained with the research "Belo Horizonte´s bathroom: from Art Deco to contemporary constructions" can subsidy, published, the work of designers and architects as well as the real state market, in addition, it will contribute with the producers of sanitary equipment and finishing. This research, also, intends to provide theoretical support in lectures, techinical publications and specialized magazines. Another aim of this research is to qualify students on this area.
    Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - Brasil has 107 years.
    I study Interior Design in Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais - UEMG.
  • 8/29 I am interested in receiving a catalog at my home. I've been all through the web site and I can't find where to sign up for a catalog. If you can't take care of this please let me know who to contact, or how to go about getting one. Thanks!! [Sorry, we don't have one. Internet or Mail Order only]
  • 8/27 t shirts with a clever saying seem to be the rage with kids my daughters ages. 12-18. what better than an outhouse? just a thought.
  • 8/27 I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this information on outhouses." My Grandmother had an outhouse (a two seater --we were middle class country folks) and also we had real toilet tissue instead of the normal Sears Roebuck catalog. Oh those were the days--I'm just glad they are just a fond memory of my past. Thank you again.
  • 8/24 the out house web site is wonderful...lacks only one thing,...We , too have a WPA built outhouse...cement floor and stool with wood cover...it is a one seater....
    Now it originally had a paper in a frame that the WPA put on the wall...had some sort of instructions on it...alas...my husband does not remember just what it said...all that remains is one half of the frame...I was so hoping someone of your houses had the information as to just what it said....
    keep up the good work....
    Preservationist Virginia in North Carolina
  • 8/23 I collect Judaica bottles and found your email on the web as a bottle collector. I was wondering if you had or knew where I could get bottles with six-pointed Jewish Stars of David or bottles that say Kosher, maybe with Yiddish writing etc... I have seen them in all types from all over the world. Bitters, milk, seltzer/siphon, medicine, ink etc...
    Also, maybe you have Jewish related bottle tops, stoppers, lids, jars, labels etc...
    And just any interesting Judaica generally. [Curator's Comment: Huh? oy vay!]
  • 8/11 I am looking for some historical pictures of outhouses with either Star or Sun on them. Can you help? [Curator's Comment: There are a few on the site with Stars but not sure about the Sun. I don't have time to look for them though. I just know they are there.]
  • 8/10 Just read most of your outhouse site. Very informative, but it makes you wonder how people spend their free time.
    When we were kids growing up near Toronto, Canada, we always referred to the outhouse as a Cybowl (Pron. KAIBOWL). I haven't heard it called this anywhere else. I do recall writing a short story entitled "The Cybowl Monster" and a later sequel called "Kolchak the Night Stalker meets the Cybowl Monster." (This should give you an idea as to how long ago we were kids and for completists, I have unfortunately lost the tale to all eternity. It has been flushed, so to speak.) Thanks Michael Jones, [Curator's Comment: I have no spare time. All I do is maintain this web site!]
  • 8/2 When we were in Alaska, we went to Pike Island. There is one outhouse on this Island. Inside the outhouse was a scoop with some kind of compost. There was absolutely no odor at all, and it is used by many, many tourists each day. Do you have any idea what could have been in this compost? We use lime in ours, and there is definitely an odor. Can you help? Thank you for your time. Trudy [Curator's Comment: Don't know but it sounds like an earth closet where earth is used to cover the crap. End result, no odor.]
  • 7/28 I happened to visit the Gays Illinois 2 story outhouse after viewing a 20 minute segment that featured this on a show called Wild Chicago. around 1994.
    The articles in the glass case should be copied and put on the internet. Basically the building that used to be in front of that outhouse resembled many just like out of the movies like Gunsmoke. Business' on the bottom, and sleeping units on the top.
    The town is not that large and if I remember right the outhouse still shares a U>S> legal post office address and taxes are still paid by someone that owns the place. Im not sure what happens if you send a letter if it will get answered or not.
    The outhouse location: It is 100 feet to close in the summer, and its 100 ft too far in the winter. And always face the door to the EAST, so that the morning sun can warm the wood for the 1sst person in there. The Dickersons Crossville TN
  • 7/24 Hi, I just happened upon your website , which is very fasinating, and had a question that maybe you could answer for me. I was wondering how old an outhouse hole has to be to be safe to dig around in it? We have one that was last used in the late 1950's, I'm not sure how old it is but i know the house is well over 100, when our current bathroom was instaled in the house. And also beside out house is what we call a little "ditch with water" which is also behind the remains of the outhouse. I have dug around in this ditch and found many little bottle and broken items. Do you think that maybe if the privy hole had at one time been emptied that they might have tryed to wash it down that ditch into a nearby creek? [Curator's Comment: In the old days, people had a slop bucket. They took the bucket out and through it into nearby trees and the animals would eat the slop. I don't know if that is where your stuff came from or not. Heed the warning that if you are going to dig a hole, be extremely careful to prevent the sides of the hole from collapsing onto you. If it is from the 50's, have at it. You will find lots of interesting things.]
  • 7/18 You guys do not have the only outhouse races, this year we did our 16th annual outhouse races. Ours are done in the hot summer sun, a team is 4 people, 3 pushers and 1 rider who has to conplete an obsticle course. To see photos go to www.isanticountynews.com and then do a search for outhouse races. Your look they are a lot of fun. See Ya
  • 7/18 Why are toilets called water closets? I work in the Plumbing Inspection section of the Building Department for the Town of Ocean City, MD and no one seems to know. I thought it was because they took an existing closet and plumbed the toilet in there creating a "water closet." [Curator's Comment: Hmmm. You may be correct. Don't know for sure.]
  • 7/13 someone told me you have an exploding outhouse bank pleasesend me the correct web address. [Curator's Comment: It is located here!]
  • 7/9 Just discovered this summary of my research on the "corner privy", a relic of the days when the Milwaukee Railroad operated between Morton and Tacoma, Washington USA. I'm flattered to find it here.


  • 11/29 We loved the feature of our outhouse. Thanks so much for a great job. The following is an email that I received back from the daughter of Howard and Lucy Freeman. She grew up with this outhouse. I sent her the link and here is her response. (Thanks, I received everything and the kids got a kick out of grandpa's house. Christine said she didn't know that they renovated outhouses. I sent it to a niece in Illinois who is doing a family history. Vivian) Lanny and Joyce O
  • 11/29 I am the youngest daughter of the Freeman's. When the folks put a bathroom in the house in 1952, dad moved the outhouse out of the backyard to behind the chicken house. He wouldn't use the indoor one unless it was really cold and snowing. They moved to town in the 1970's and we sold the farm in the late 1990's. Vivian
  • 11/29 How much are the outhouse kleenex boxes do you have any other things related to outhouses? [YES!!!]
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 11/29 Hello, I am jerry K. I live in Buford, Georgia. I have a name I play under at all the game sights and my playing name is Outhousemouse. People tell me all the time they love the name. Do you have any pictures of a mouse near an outhouse or Illustrations? I would be glad to pay if the price is right. thanks
  • 11/27 I am searching for quilt block patterns of outhouses but having no luck. If you should happen to have any information along this line, I would really appreciate it. thanks.
  • 11/24 So my dad brought me Trenary Toast when he came to visit me in New York, which I shared with my friends at work. They asked me, "Trenary? Where's that?" So I popped on the internet to show them. This brought me eventually to your website. Outhouse Races! That's great! So I showed them to give them a taste of UP culture. And as far as they're concerned, the upper peninsula of Michigan is just a bunch of beer guzzling racists who think it's really funny to dress up in blackface. It's so embarassing.

    I went back to MI to go hunting this year, and I've gone to great lengths defending my pride in Michigan and outdoor sports to them. But mostly in vain now, as your website has pretty much undermined my efforts to convince them that hunting is anything more than a part of a greater culture of rural ignorance.

    I would like to see those two crackers wear those costumes and walk down the street in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. That would be hilarious too, and you could post those photos on your site. Just let me know, and I can make the travel arrangements for them, including the ambulance to the hospital.
  • 11/14 Hi, Live in Indiana on a lake...surrounded by old farms. Started collecting Ball jars, finding them at auctions. Have fallen in love with bottles. Have a great metal detector...thought about looking for outhouses amongst other things. Used to teach history and always taught the kids that garbage dumps were really goldmines. My question is this: is there a way to find an outhouse "depository" without the actual stall sitting above ground? I know this sounds like a really dumb question, but I have friends on farms who wouldn't mind my digging up their yards...but they have no clue where the outhouses were. I NEED to do this. Kids in their 20s and I now have a life! And this is it -- who would have thought?! LOL Hope to hear from you, Karen
  • 11/13 Hello from the Central Indiana, I stumbled onto your website and saw the Outhouse of America Tour, I've lived in lower Michigan all my life but my work transferred me to Indianapolis. I have been looking for something to get my wife back op to God's country and found your wonderful event............... We are even now planning to be there in Feb. to take in the race. Dad and Mom live in Kalkaska and we'll be picking them up on the way. Any good places to stay close by would be helpful. If you could just give me a quick email our family would be so appreciative We just laughed and laughed over the website and we are truly longing' for some good Michigan winter fun!!!! Thank you Donald and Gayle P
  • 11/10 Yes there is another name for the good old reliable OUTHOUSE . The name that we always used for it was The Ruby Room. I am not sure how it came about but it sure seemed to fit.Sometimes when ya had a good case of the turkey trots, your backside got real red. My name is James Tolle and this is just another bit of outhouse lore
  • 11/7 why do outhouse doors have half moons on them?
  • 11/2 Regarding Trenary, Michigan; I Love this I am in the Cener in Farwell.
  • 10/24 Hello, Recently my husband built an old fashioned outhouse (tool storage) in our wildflower garden in the back yard. We've been having a discussion regarding the crescent moon on the door versus a starburst. The moon means ladies only, the starburst for men only. Right? But is the crescent moon typically waxing or waning? We would like to keep it looking as authentic as possible. The wood used for the outhouse was from an old chicken house that was on the property from 1948 and has that rustic appearance. Thanks for your help and I enjoyed your outhouse website. Sincerely, Jill L
  • 10/13 Good Morning, I would like to buy a Amish built "Outhouse" do you have any suggestions where I can get one? Thanks, Fred H
  • 10/12 After looking at your photos and reading the commentary, I couldn't help but notice the repeated reference to the cresent moon cut outs. I myself am from TN and somewhat familar with this structure. The moon and star cutouts were to designate sex. The female being the moon and the male the star. It is said that the men let theirs fall into such disrepair, that many collapsed. This being why we see so many more with the moon cut out.
  • 10/8 Swamp Shit Sitters,I am fortunate to have lived in a town in Northern Michigan, many a cold night with flashlight in hand ,I trod the the long path of sand. I finally reached the 2 holer -so great! ALAS !!!!!!!!!!TOO LATE,to my knee was warm pee.I still remember the treat when I sat on the wood seat of the Squat Pot. Often I think, how I wish those days could return , with all that I yearn. The love of family ,the goal of a good life, the end of sorrow an strife. All the Honored Outhouses in the race, an builders are number #1 an Crowned with Grace .Thank you so much for the all American touch
  • 10/8 i love your site! 1) because you are capturing a piece of early Americana, so quickly dissappearing. 2)because i love a good photo essey. it is like collecting antiques, or a particular item. i collect snow globes from across America, and did several photo essays when i drove across the states 5 years ago. one of abandoned drive-ins, one of delapitated buildings along Rt. 66. keep up the good work! David G, Fla.
  • 10/4 I decorated my bathroom w outhouses-----can not find prints fr curtains . I used this theme as I remember going out with a latern --brick and catalouge in zero degrees to make a daily deposit, marbra
  • 9/29 I am desperatly trying to find a santa in an outhouse. Your site came up in a search. I was hoping you might know where your santa in an outhouse was purchased. It is for my boyfriends stepmom who is a antique dealer that loves outhouses and santa's. Please if you have any information as I said I am desperate. Thank You
  • 9/29 I did not see a sod outhouse on your web site. Visiting in Minnesota some years back,[not that long ago] we stayed at a sod house B & B which also had a two -holer outhouse. Bob M
  • 9/24 We are interested in publishing your outhouse photos in our magazines published and sold in Japan. Please advise if this can be arranged. Thank you.
  • 9/22 I came across your website when looking for the Gays, Illinois official website. I wanted to let you know that I am from Gays, the home of the oldest two-story outhouse in existence. I noted one little falsehood in your write up. You stated that there are no stairs because the second story was not used unless the snow drifted. Amusing, but not true. There are no stairs because it was attached to a building which has since been condemned. The outhouse was detached and moved across the street to the area in the picture on your website. There are no stairs because the second story of the outhouse could be reached from the second story of the building it was attached to. The building was originally a general store on the first level and an inn on the second. The two-story outhouse was built so people staying at the inn would not have to go down to the general store to use the outhouse. Coming from someone who grew up as one of the 250 residents of Gays, that is the story you can believe! - Hillary
  • 9/18 Is there a place that we can get the official rules on building an outhouse. Also, is there an entry form, fee, deadline, etc. for entering an outhouse? We plan to be in the U.P. that weekend this winter and thought it would be fun to give it a shot.
  • 9/17 In your research, have you come across a serpentine stone outhouse? There is one in Birmingham Township, Chester County, PA, and it is a four-holer with a dividing wall, two holes on each side with two entrances. The owners have been told that it is a his & hers outhouse. It echoes the palazzo style of the main house with its gently hipped tin roof, cubicle shape, and cut serpentine stone construction. I perused your website, and didn't find anything similar. I would appreciate any information you might have on this subject. Susan H.
  • 9/14 Enjoyed your site. If you're taking new entries to the tour - I'll send along a snapshot of the outhouse we just built to accommodate guests who prefer things a little less rustic. Since the photo was taken, we've added a clear fibreglas roof, painted the interior trim and added a fake potted plant. The exterior walls are made from cement-board - to keep the porcupines from chewing holes in it. Also note the padded seat. Warms up quickly in the winter. The outhouse is located in Osceola County, Michigan. Keep up the good work! Lou
  • 9/13 there is an outhouse on a church lot in New Carlisle IN and I mentioned to my daughter there that it may be worth something. It has cedar shakes on the outside walls painted white. The hand-made door has a moon on it and I suspect it is quite old. I didn't go inside. Would there be a market for this privy? Any idea who might be interested? Linda H
  • 9/11 Interesting that I have heard yet another local variation of this song:
    Sam, Sam, the lavatory man...
    All time king of the outdoor can
    Issues the tissues and hands out the towels...
    And listens to the rumblings of the human bowels!

    Down, down, underneath the ground...
    Big ones, small ones, floating all around.
    Constipated logs in a yellow sea!

    Sam is the keeper of the can and me!
  • 9/2 Hello: I have heard of a "concoction" that keeps down the odor in outhouses. All I remember is that is contains molasses; I think it was called "Murphy's Solution". Have you heard of it? If so, what are the ingredients and how do you use it. Thanks, Bettyanne H.
  • 8/27 Were you aware that there exists a genuine (old) two story outhouse attached to the old two story hotel in Nevada City, Montana? It still remains in reasonably good condition and is still usable after all these years. Bob H.
  • 8/27 Hi!
    I see you have just one picture of an outhouse in Sussex County, DE - which looks like one that was just described to me in an interview that I did. There is a gentleman in Ocean View, DE, Brent Hurley, who has been collecting & restoring outhouses for about the past 10-12 years - he now has a collection of 6 restored - and 1 in the process - in his yard - on Privy Lane. Going by the description - it looks like the one you have a picture of is the first one he restored.
    Mr. Hurley will be awarded the Crescent Moon Award at the Great Outhouse Blowout in Gravelswitch, KY in October (hence the reason for my interview with him - and about his odd collection)
    Just thought you might be interested. Mari Lou WGMD News Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • 8/25 I was looking for the lyrics to The Little Brown Shack and came caross yours, I was going to make a cute little page for my grand-kids, and was wanting to know if I could use the words to this one.. LaVerne
  • 8/22 Do you know of a web-site that features “how to”instructions for building outhouses and their upkeep? You got some great ones on your site that will be my inspiration. Thanks, Chris [We sell plans on our web site on-line store. Follow the link below.]
  • 8/21 Was the crescent on both male and female outhouses or a crescent on female outhouses and a star on male outhouses? Yours in Caca, Jerry
  • 8/21 I started [Outhouse] digging approx 3 years ago, I had never heard of anyone doing this until I looked it up on the net. Everyone thought I was crazy. I've just recently opened my own buisness (flea market)and I've met crazy people just like me. Can you tell me how do i know if i'm digging in a privy. I live in the city of Breaux Bridge and I've found many things in my backyard everywhere i dig there's marbles, bottles buckles, military items. Why do you think all of this is spread throughout my back yard. If you have time please write back. Thank You, Lynette

    I'll try to answer your query about outhouse digging. One almost never digs into one unless you intend to. We determined diggers use spring steel probes to search for them. There is a "break" in the resistance of the soil, and usually you feel material deeper in the ground than the surrounding area. One can feel the clinks, clunks, and grinding of shells, glass, bricks, metal, etc.

    The pit usually is lined with wood, stone, and brick, in most cases. You must establish the sides and take it down evenly to prevent it from caving in. Privy digging is a team sport. After you get to a certain depth, the fill must be removed with a bucket and shovel.

    I've been asked questions about all this so many times that I created a Microsoft Word Document with some tips. I attach that to this message.

    Tell me more about the items you have found in your yard, particularly the bottles. Do you know how to tell a hand blown bottle from a machine made one?

    Usually a privy needs to be at least one hundred years to be worth digging, and for the “bad stuff” to have decomposed. Charlie Cook in Houma
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 8/16 One of my recent responses generated by my little corner of your web site was from a Wisconsin lady who is writing a novel in which a murder victim’s body is found in an out house pit. One of her questions was how one could get a body down into the pit. I suggested that many privies had the bench seat, with the holes cut into it, were hinged, so the entire bench top could be opened for dumping. (no pun intended)
  • 8/13 Just about crapped myself when I was researching outhouses for a carving I am making and came across your info on Mickey Lou's.......WOW! I am a former Marinette Marine and my wife is a Menominee Maroon. I an Vic T. class of '59 and my wife is Judy K. class of '60 (I think). My dad was a cop on the Marinette police force. Mickey Lou's Definatly has the best burgers in the world. When we go home for a visit, we eat there at least 5 times...we live in St Paul Park MN now. 6 hour drive. Anyway. send me a note so we can know who you are...small world, ya know. vic
  • 8/10 We are having an outhouse race in honor of our Sesquicentennial - it's next Thurs, Aug 17 - and we wanted to give our winners the "Corn Cob Buckets." Please call me so I know if this is still an option - we'd want about 3.
  • 8/9 John, Yes, an interesting site indeed, and the subject made for an equally interesting sidebar to my own web site. I'm always interested in pictures of dug lamps and parts if you have any. Best regards, Dan
  • 7/28 [Curator's Comment: Here is a FUNNY story!] Hi there outhouse webmaster,
    Great website!!!, There is art work on the lovely detail of shi_ burning in vietnam by Jim nelson of the 22nd INfantry Regiment. i personally had the lovely task on several of those rare occasions that my line infantry company returned to base camp. But most times it was the poop and bury method. One of my army combat buddies, Tyrus O Rourke was doing his "duty' outside our permimeter around 11 pm on the night of July 15,1967 when we had incoming mortar rounds and awaited a VC attack. He did not have his weapon and climbed up a rubber tree(as we thought we had the easy job of road security) Needless to say he was without weapon and scared shi-less. We saddled up and went to the aid of our 1st platoon that was being overrun by VC/NVA and poor Tyrus was left 'behind' . WE did not realize he was missing for about 4 hours and came back to get him still up in the tree with his pants at his ankles and bare behind showing.
    I live out in Oregon and years ago a neighboring community used to hold "Outhouse races" on wheels as we do not get the snow levels you get in Michigan.I do not know if the event is still held but about 10 years ago it was an annual event.If you are interested, i can research it for you in the local newspaper. GARY H
  • 7/27 It was always my understanding that the top story of the outhouse in Gays, Illinois, was accessed from the top story of a railroad hotel that was built next to it.
  • 7/27 I am the proud owner of an outhouse outside my cabin on the Cedar River. It is a "grandfathered in" outhouse that I am not allowed to move. I've been told that if I use a mixture of yeast, sugar and water and add red worms to the top of the heap the decomposing of the deposits will be greatly expedited. Do you know of this and can you give me any insite as to the proportions and how often to do this - etc. Any help would be appreciated. It is kind of a neat 2 holer. Thank you Ted
  • 7/25 [This message is from a person in London, England] I think the earth closet still is the system of the future. If you grow plants on soil, they take up nutritious minerals. If you don't find some way of returning those minerals back to where they came from, the soil will eventually be depleted of minerals. Either the soil won't be able to grow anything, or whatever is grown won't be nutritious.
    I suspect that many mysterious modern diseases, such as Parkinson's Disease (which I have), are basically deficiency diseases caused by mineral depletion of the soil. From Dave W
  • 7/20 I am interested in more information about the outhouse kleenex holder. [Follow the link below and then look in the Outhouses department.]
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 7/16 Hello...
    I am a postcard collector from the Midwest. I found your most fascinating website via a search of "outhouses".
    I have a postcard depicting a double deck Outhouse constructed of timbers attached to a 2 story building with a 2nd story wooden fenced walkway. It appears there are other log cabin type buildings in the background.
    The postcard was published by Petley Studios, in Phoenix AZ. On the backside, it is identified only by stating: "A remnant of the Old West, this ingenious structure was considered 'real class' in 1800's as it was available for hotel guests ... "
    Although your site offers some double deckers to check out, the one I am seeking is not shown.
    I am seeking information as to where this 2 story outhouse might be located?? I file my postcards by state and by city within the state. This particular postcard has become an obsession with me now. I'm clueless. Can you help me??
    Will look forward to hearing from you, thanks. Carolyn
  • 7/16 My grandmother called the outhouse the "Garden House." It was screened from view by a canebreak through which ran a narrow path.
  • 7/15 My name is Alicia M. and my grandparents live in Oran, Iowa. I also lived in Oran when I was little. Now I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I miss the little town where you know everyone. I come back often to visit my grandparents. Its great for riding four wheelers because the cops dont come by very often. Thanks for having Oran on your website. Your smalltown friend, Alicia
  • 7/13 I’m very interested in purchasing the exploding outhouse on your website, http://www.jldr.com/ohnumb1.htm, in the bottom right-hand-side of the pictures. I’ve looked long and hard on the web but have only found either a dead end or a different kind of outhouse that isn’t the one like yours. I would really appreciate it if you told me where I could purchase the exploding outhouse like the one in the picture.
  • 7/11 I am looking for an outhouse theme shower curtain and window curtain or a shower curtain with an outhouse on it. Do you know where I might get one? Thanks, melanie [We have Outhouse crafts in our on-line store:
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 7/10 Please help me. I do not know much about computers so I really messed up. I was reading Frequently Asked Questions About Outhouses and Other Topics and thought it would be fun to copy and put the copy in our outhouse. I went to File then Print and then printed it. Then I clicked on the right mouse to go back to the previous web page and the information came up about not copying it. I need to know what to do now. Can I pay for it? Thank You for any help you can give me to correct this. Rita
  • 7/8 I couldn't get the song 'Ode To The Little Brown Shack' (from your internet site) to play... Any chance of getting it Emailed to me? Thanks, Tom W
  • 7/5 Believe it or not, we (the outhouse owners) are a dieing breed. We have a cabin on Lake Superoir ,and there are two outhouses left there in that location, one of which is ours, and our next door neighbors. Yet,you can still see abandoned shacks in cabin owners yards, or they have been renovated to storage shacks. We currently have a two seater with two 1/4 moons on the door. My question I have searched several websites for an answer to, is, If some one can help me with, What can we use to keep the smell at bay? Our family has grown quite large, so the outhouse is used constantly. My husband and I have installed a vent pipe last summer, there are screens around the top of the house, my brother and I clean it frequentley, (yes, I'm a girl, and I shovel out the outhouse through a trap door in the back) we use woodstove ashes after every use of house, my mother dumps buckets of water down the hole frequentley (we took the ammonia bottle away from her, she thought it was helping, what she wasnt thinking about was that urine contains ammonia, so you about dropped in your tracks when you opened the door) and we have tried lime or lye for barns. We are still fighting the battle of the obnoxious wafting smell of the infamous outhouse. Any suggestions would help. Thank-you!
  • 7/4 Love your website! Just found it searching for the answer to the question of "why is there a crescent moon on outhouses?" How "custom" can you go with the motorcyle theme. Just wondered if you could do a Honda Ace Shadow Tourer? Also , a breast cancer survivor outhouse? Thanks, JuneBug
  • 7/4 dear sirs, i need to know a little more about how to dig the hole...sizes and dimentions please. also; how far away from a creek or stream do i have to put it? thank you. judy
  • 6/23 Hello, Iam looking for a historic picture of a "bucketman" back in the 20's someone who used to clean out the outhouses.... If you have anything like this or know where i could find it, i would really appreciate it. thanks so much emily
  • 6/17 An old farmer had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up nice; picnic tables, horseshoe courts, basketball court, etc. When the pond was built it was properly shaped and fixed up nicely for swimming. One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond and look it over, since he hadn't been there for a while.

    As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he drew closer, he could see a bunch of young women skinny dipping in his pond.

    He politely made his presence be known to the women, and in doing so he watched as they all went shuffling to the deepest end of the pond.

    One of the women shouted out to him, "We're not coming out until you leave!"

    To which the old man replied, "Miss, I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim in the nude nor did I come here to make each one of you get out of the pond naked. I merely came down to feed the alligator."

    The Moral of the Story:
    Old age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill.
    Always has.
    Always will.
  • 6/15 I just bought a older house (about 53 years old) it has an outhouse in the back of the 1 1/2 acres and its staying there! right now it stores tools but you never know one day it might be used. Min I. Pennsylvania
  • 6/10 Greetings, A while ago, I stumbled onto a fellow's site that had everything to do with the benefits of and construction details for a composting outhouse. One could download his PDF file of the entire text, upon his suggestion and brainlessly, I didn't do it then and can't find his sight or anything now. Part of the beauty of it was that he presented some pretty decent arguments in favor of composting outhouses, some that I would like to present to our county health board for discussion. Do you have any idea or direction I might surf in ? Thanks a lot. Curt W.
  • 6/2 i just found an outhouse that appears to be possibly from the late 1800's to early 1900's. can you possibly help me find out what its worth? or maybe even where to sell it? thanks in advance hope you can help me :) mac
  • 6/1 Someone sent me your site- it is hysterical- there is a picture of an Army soldier burning s**t in VietNam- it looks just like my husband, Lenny, who was a medic in Nam and really did burn the crap as part of his duty. He says he used to love doing it during meal time if the guys in his unit didn't be nice to him! Do you know where this picture came from? Thanks. peace, Ginnie from West Palm Beach, Florida
  • 6/1 I am looking for an outhouse toilet paper storage container (not dispenser). I was directed to your website after a google search, but did not find where to buy it. Please let me know if it is still available and at what price. Cassie J [We have them in our store]
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 5/31 Gays Two-Story Outhouse - That was a good teaser about the snow having to be high enough to use the second story of the outhouse. I was raised in Windsor, 6 mile from Gays, born in 1948, so I know how people got to the second story. Rich M
  • 5/31 I would like to know if you have plans for an outhouse with a pitched roof----by that I mean a flat roof---lower at the back---higher in the front--above the door. Like the bird feeder.
  • 5/28 "moule" UKTV program "Local Heroes" references this commode.
  • 5/18 I am desperately searching for a granny with curlers in her hair and a nightdress on. She holds a candle in one hand and is walking to the outhouse. There is a grandpa behind her walking with a nightcap on and a candle also in his hand. Have you ever seen a pic such as this? My mother had wall decorations of this when I was a child and am searching for the same thing. Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated. Nancy
  • 5/13 Hi! I found your website on the internet as I"m looking for bathroom accessories for our bathroom. I've decided to decorate it in Outhouses and it's SO HARD to find the shower curtain, rugs, etc. Do you have any suggestions? THanks and can't wait to hear fromyou. Denise L.
  • 5/5 Hello, I am doing a documentary on a man who used to be what I was told was called a BUCKET MAN
    He was a black man who lived in Daytona Bch Florida around the 20's-30's. I am looking for a still of a man leaving or walking to an outhouse which could represent such a living to show behind him while he speaks of his experience. PLease let me know if this is something you have in stock or can possible find for me. Thank you, Emily S.
  • 4/30 I thought you guys sold TP earrings in your store?? If you guys don't, do you know who does and a site? Thanks for all of your help, John! Have a great day- Susan
  • 4/29 I Have a question with reguard to the half moon on the doors of outhouses. Why a moon? and is there any story behind it? Thanks. B. Bode [Check out our FAQ's page for the answer.]
  • 4/29 We are planning our first ever race in honor of this year's Sesquicentennial at the Iowa State Fair. We are seeking port-a-potty companies to sponsor our event. Des Moines only has three companies, two of which declined. Do you guys have any ideas for sponsorship? Know any port-a-potty companies out of state that would love to get involved regardless of where? -Susan Sesquicentennial Assistant Iowa State Fair
  • 4/27 HI! Loved your site. You’ve established that any kind of time is not good to add to an outhouse, but is there any product or pro-biotic that will aid in the breakdown of waste in a pit outhouse? Thanks very much, Scott
    "So, which lime was used in outhouses? All of them at one time or another, but by far the most practical for killing germs is the erroneously named chloride of lime, which again correctly is calcium hypochlorite. This kept the stink down but it killed off all the bacteria so the contents of the outhouse pit never reduced biologically. The result of this was an uncomposted outhouse pit that filled up very rapidly."
    It would seem from your website that lime is good as a odor reducer, but actually prevents the breakdown of waste. Do you know of anything that aids in the breakdown of waste? We're facing a situation where our outhouse is filling up, and would like to delay having to scoop it out as long as possible.
  • 4/16 I am a lighting researcher writing an article about privy-dug oil and kerosene lamps and parts. I read on your site about the cobalt whale oil founts and would like to get a picture of them, if possible. Also, if you have other lamps or lamp parts in your collection, or know of anyone else who does, I'd appreciate the information. Also, if you have any interesting stories which relate to the topic, I'd consider publishing it on my web site (link below). Best regards, Dan
  • 4/14 We just purchased a farm in Indiana and it has an old outhouse on it. We were curious if there were people actually interested in purchasing one. Let me know if you get any inquiries. Thanks Elaine
  • 4/14 Here’s a version from the Stanislaus County California YMCA summer camp "Camp Jack Hazard" about 1960…..

    Sam Sam the lavatory man
    Chief engineer of the public can
    He hands out the papers and he hands out the towels
    And he listens to the Rumbles of the other men’s bowels

    Down down in the bottom of the ground
    A big black turd comes rolling down
    Lands in a pile so nice and neat
    And our man Sam sits down to eat

    Not very pleasant but that’s the way we sang it at Y camp
  • 4/4 Hello, I have just begun my first privy dig. The house is circa 1790's, still stands, there was an old barn along the front side. next to the barn I have found a privy I believe, the ground had sunk so I started to dig it. I believe I have found at least 2 sides as they have some sort of brick/cement sides. there is also rock borders, as you move the rocks in the sides you can see how deep it goes, on the surface I have found some pottery shards, and a few broken bottles 1880's-1900's,. My question is this, some large rocks are near the top, is this common that they would fill the hole with large rocks? And how large of a hole do you dig? Do you start in the middle or work the sides? I never knew a #%$#& job could be so much fun. Any help would be appreciated. Also in the woods at the cellar holes, where would they most likely put a privy and how far away would they put them. I am digging in the boston area and digging old sites 1700's-1880's, Any tips you can send my way would be great. Such as tools of the trade etc... Thanks again Pat
  • 4/3 [Curator's Comment: Once in a while you get a gem of a comment. This is one of them!] After looking over your web pages about outhouses and toilets, I knew I had to send you an email about something I did while in college. I was taking a speech class. Most of the speeches people gave were boring. I decided to do one that was a little off beat and called it "Toilets of the World." When I went to the library do some research on the subject, one of the books the librarian suggested was, "Flushed with Pride." During the speech, the students were laughing so hard, tears were streaming down from their eyes. I thought one guy was going to lay down on the floor and start rolling around. Even the professor enjoyed every minute of it. He gave me an "A". I doubt any of the class forgot that speech.
  • 3/29 That Little Brown Shack Out Back! Wonderful, wonderful song! A friend of mine had this on vinyl back in the late 60s, early 70s. It was one of our favorites (we were about 10 and 'potty talk' was extremely funny to us)! While I have no personal outhouse experiences (other than in a school play), I grew up in rural Vermont near my grandfather's boyhood home. His old house was about down to the foundation, but the outhouse (possibly preserved by decades of noxious fumes) still stood proudly out back! Scott P. Vernon, CT
  • 3/28 Hello - I am transcribing a journal from northern Michigan in the year 1900 and on Aug. 9, there is the following entry: "Regulated the chamber dressing room."
    I know this was a small farm house or even a log cabin. Could this refer to some activity related to their outhouse? Thanks in advance. Dave
  • 3/27 I have a few pictures of unusual mich outhouses would you like to see them?
  • 3/25 I have a picture of an outhouse with one door open on the right. There is a dog house in between the two doors with a dog on top of the outhouse. Do you have a picture like that in your collection? My ancestors are from Pa mostly.
    I look forward to hearing back from you. Kathy
  • 3/25 I will be moving to West Virginia soon and will be putting to use an out house. What kind of maintenance do out houses require? What should I know about an out house. My aunts and uncles had them when I was growing up but I never had to maintain one. Thanks. Melody
  • 3/21 I would like to know where to order pictures of outhouses and other decor to decorate my bathroom with. Thanks Donna
    [Curator's Comment: We have 'em here:
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 3/21 I recently built a outhose and need to put a moon on it. what are the dimensions for one and what is used to get the correct curves of the moon????
    THANKS for ANY info you can supply, Jim
  • 3/19 Sam, Sam, lavatory man, chief inspector of the outhouse clan. The issues, the tissues, the paper and the towels, and listen to the sound of the rumbling bowels. Down, down, down beneath the ground, where all the little poopies are swimming around. There sits Sam, lavatory man, scoopin' up the poopies, scoopin' up the poopies, scoopin' up the poopies in a little tin can.
  • 3/3 it was great to meet you and your brother-in-law. I understand that you busy with the race, it was nice to have someone to make me feel welcome. The weather was terrific. I am planning on going back next year and would like to make an outhouse for the race. I have told everybody how much fun i had. IT WAS GREAT TIME !!!!!! See you next year HAVE A GREAT DAY AND KEEP SMILING TOM
  • 3/1 Did you know that Elk Falls, Elk County, Kansas has a decorate/theme of out houses. They have a contest each fall to select the best. People come from miles just to vote on their favorite out house. Most are "original" but no longer in "use". Kay
  • 2/25 i stumbled onto your site through google images "upper penninsula". it fits my friends and i,type of stuff. we like michigan but like the off the wall stuff much better. we were talking about a michigan trailer living site but never went through with it. you,ve inspired us to proceed. thanks for the entertainment -jim
  • 2/20 Saw the pictures of your Outhouse Kleenex Holder on the web site and I am interested in one. Please send price information and ordering instructions. Thanks, Shirley [Curator's Comment: Follow this link to our store. They are located in the "Outhouses" department in the store:
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 2/19 I am planning on going to the Outhouse Classic races this year and would like to meet you. I don't know if you recall me but you put my outhouse on your tour. Also i have tried to get the article in the Wall Street Journal and hve been un successful. If your are going let me know of some way i might find you to meet you. Again thanks for putting my outhouse on the tour. HAVE A GREAT DAY AND KEEP SMILING
  • 2/15 I was visiting your site and thought I would write to you and ask if you know of anyone or anyplace that I can get bathroom curtains with outhouses printed on them. I have a bathroom that is done up in outhouses and I am now just missing some sort of window coverings! I look forward to hearing back from you, Jennifer R.
  • 2/14 [regarding names for the Outhouse...] The "Oval Office"
  • 2/9 Hello, My 12-year old daughter is doing a paper for her English class on the evolution of the outhouse! I think the photos on your website are fantastic (not to mention hilarious!). I was wondering if you would consider sending me a few photos either via email or via US Post. She would love to have a photo of any/all of the entries of this year's Outhouse Races. If not, I understand...but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask!
  • 2/8 My mother and I joke about toilets since we both were very aquainted with using them on the farm in Missouri. She sent me a joke about a two storie outhouse with a stairway on the side and was to be from Gay, Iowa. Was there such a toilet and is there a Gay, Iowa? Thanks, David
    PS: If the one using upstairs, where did it go, straight down or special shut to protect the one below?
    [Curator Comment...Yes! We have it on our tour HERE]
  • 2/4 I want to be sure of the date this year.....is it still the last saturday in feb.? [YES]
  • 2/3 hi, i'm from mississippi and i was just seeking some information i hope you can help me with. i am trying to find some information on the web about the history of outhouses. my mother and i own a very unusual outhouse outside a very old home we think dates 106 years old. i'm not sure how old the out house is though. it is built upon a concrete foundation that raises 4 feet high and it is a dual outhouse. there is no opening in the concrete base but up under the seat there is a hole about 4inches in diameter. it looks as though it was made for a hose. that is just my assumption. was there ever a way of cleaning outhouses out? or did they just rebuild? i can not find much online except pictures and such, no history at all. if you know of anything that can help me please write me back at xxx i would greatly appreciate it....... thanks....
  • 2/2 To Whom this may CONCERN or better yet...to all the tioletheads,inc., "it has been a long time , since:* I laughed -- my -- ^s^--o ff* and enjoyed the 'view' with all of you." a grateful montana- c'boy artist,
  • 1/28 Hello-I am looking for a large, decorative print of the poem Ode To The Outhouse by James Whitcomb Riley to frame and hand on my powder room wall. Do you offer such an item or know where I could purchase one? [We have all kinds of Quality Outhouse Prints in our on line store. Follow the link below:
    Enter the Outhouses of America on line store here...
  • 1/27 Looking for the date for the race this year.. please email me back [February 28, 2004 Always the last Saturday of the month in February in Trenary, Michigan USA] Here is the Race Information thank you Jodi
  • 1/17 I knew Haskell Penn and I have used his outhouse. When I was about 20, I stayed in Haskells Trailer ( in exchange for tending his garden and canning the veggies and occasionally filling in at the store where making 1/2 thick baloney sandwiches on white with miracle whip was the special of the day), until I had could buy my own place. Where ever you are Haskell, hope you are well. With Best Regards
  • 1/16 Hello, I just found the site and stumbled across this bit of Americana, "WPA Chapman Family Outhouse" in Milton, WV. I would very much like to contact the owners, as I am also a Chapman living in Fredericksburg, VA. Originally born in Mason County, WV and supposedly, some of my ancesters are from that area. Maybe a family connection. Can you help me out on this? Thanks and I really love this web site!
  • 1/12 Dear Curator, I've enjoyed cruising your website. Thanks for all of your hard work. Since I love reading history and reading about the progression of things, can you tell me where you found the outhouse "legend" ...Probably the most recognizable symbol associated ...crescent moon...I would like to read more about sings and symbols from that source. [Read our FAQ's page. Answers are in there...]
  • 1/10 By any chance, do you happen to have an address, phone number or website to where I can communicate to this [Amish Outhouses for Sale] place that has the outhouses for sale? I'm really interested in getting one.
  • 1/7 So glad thatI found this site and it is so neat. We make an out house that both stores extra rolls of paper and holds the roll that you are using. We make these out of both old rustic wood and new wood. We would be interested in putting these on your website to sell Please let me know what you charge etc. Thanks
  • 1/6 Hello from Lake Cavanaugh, Washington and home of Lake Cavanaugh Brewing Company (specializing in small batch, hand crafted ales) 2ft of snow and good beer! Anyways, we have a specialty beer in "honor" of the outhouse and eventually would like to send you some. Also, have plenty of pix of Lake Cavanaugh outhouses to send if interested. We are talking some seriously "old dumping grounds". No web site as of yet, but soon!
  • 1/5 Do you have, or do you know where I can get, the sheet music for That Little Brown Shack Out Back?
  • 1/4 Hello, My husband and I will be changing our annual UP snowmobiling vacation to the weekend of the outhouse races. Do you know when the scheduled weekend will be? Hope to see you there, and thanks for the wonderful pictures from last year's race.
  • 1/4/2004 Whens the next one and what are requirements? [Here is the Race Information]

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