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2 Replies to “Contact”

  1. I am about to build a shed for my oxy/acetylene tanks (on their handtruck), so I figured that an outhouse type structure would be worth looking at for ideas.

    At my favorite search engine (“Duckduckgo”), under “Outhouses” images, I found an outhouse with your url under it.

    The outhouse has a horseshoe on it. The problem is that the horseshoe is affixed upside-down, so luck will run out of it, rather than the horseshoe filling up with luck “, as in when in the “U” position.

    Just thought I’d mention it – I see that outhouse nowhere on this site at this time. Maybe that outhouse ran out of luck and disintegrated over time…

    Good luck, ; )
    Mike Ross

    1. Thank you for your clear and precise observation. You are correct. Luck will run out with it upside down but that is the way those people chose to place it. I’m sure the outhouse is still on the Outhouses of America site. You can search my site at and have some fun with it. John

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