Loose Data Research LLC (LDR) has been in business since 1997. Our main business is building simple web sites that bring results. We have confidentiality agreements with our clients so we don’t divulge their information but we can assure you that your wants and needs will be fulfilled.

Our next line of business is mainly computer consulting for the average Joe. Most people are not computer experts. They turn them on, use them and turn them off. They don’t want to do backups, fool around with setting up a network and for sure, don’t want to take the time to “fine tune” their registry. Anti-virus? I use Norton. Why use anything else? LDR can help with all these needs.

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We are located North of Detroit so for computer help, we generally service the Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clawson, Rochester Hills, Troy and areas close by.

For web sites, we can build them for people anywhere in the world but mainly stick to the United States.

Ever wanted your own web site? We can handle everything from obtaining your domain name to SQL database set up to putting everything together with a very nice optimized Word Press web site.

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