Web Sites

Do you want a web site? We can build and host one customized for you.

Do you need  pictures to provide to someone else who is building your web site? We can provide professional photography to use on the web.

We have been building web sites since 1997 and run one of the most popular web sites out there. In fact, we have been written up in the Detroit Free Press and interviewed on NPR, WJR and many other radio stations. We even won a coveted award given out once a year by Gravel Switch, Kentucky.

Here are some types of web sites you might be interested in:

  • Feature your Business Information
  • Class Reunion
  • Family Reunion pictures
  • Fun trip
  • Singing group
  • Consulting
  • Legal help
  • Tax help
  • Funny web sites
  • Run an idea by us for assistance

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