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Funny Outhouse Racing
DVD Videos

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Update: We no longer sell any of these DVDs. These races were so long ago that we don't have a demand any longer.

Outhouse Classic Video Description

[Special FREE 2005 2-minute Preview]

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  • This thing has more action than a John Wayne movie!

We used to sell DVD videos of the Outhouse Races held in Trenary, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Each year's video featured some twists from previous years and it was guaranteed to make you laugh. Here's the rest of the description when we used to sell them.

If you participated in one of the years listed above, you have to buy a copy of this video. Every racer is featured and we not only include you racing down the track but we also have pictures of each one of you just before racing. We know you will enjoy it!

Words cannot describe how entertaining the video is. We took over an hour of video and condensed it down to an hour of action-packed excitement before, during and after the races.

What is the Outhouse Classic? People build Outhouses and attach snow skis to them. Then they attach a bar at the back and two people push the Outhouses 500 feet down a track made of snow on the Main Street in Trenary. I can't stop watching it myself and I was there! You will see the children race, three to four age groups of adults race and then some unique interviews that only the Curator of the Outhouses of America Tour can conduct. If you were there, you have to own a copy of the video (maybe you will see or hear yourself) and if you weren't there, this video will have everyone in your home laughing.

In 2006, the racers included Stink Bomb, Poop Blind, Nice Cans, Potty O Gold, NMU Pizza, Who Cut Da Cheese?, Public Privy, The Sleuth Booth (my personal favorite featuring Sherlock Holmes himself and Watson!), Camp Dysentary and more.

The video is on a DVD and can be played on your TV or home theatre DVD player.

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