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Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder  Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder
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Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder
Price: $32.99 USD
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Total Price (including shipping): $57.99 USD
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        The Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder shown above can either be mounted to the wall, or can be free standing. Each one that we make literally takes hours to build due to the number of cuts and the sanding that is required. It is well worth the price we are asking...AND...they are Made in the U.S.A. Each one is also unique because of the natural grain characteristics of our wood. It is 7 1/2" wide, 7" deep and 13" tall in the front. The Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder is made out of pine and unfinished, so you can finish it to match your decor. If you like, you can leave it unfinished or set it outside to weather for a few days in the summer. Either way, it features quality workmanship and looks great! It's up to you. This little Outhouse will be sure to be a conversation starter.
        The best part is that the door actually works. You can even use the small wood bar to "lock" it shut.
        How did this product come about? The person who makes this had a friend who had a bed pan and other related "bathroom type" items for planters in their yard. For a joke, he built them a special Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder to go with the planters. Well, one thing lead to another. He made some modifications to the original design and came up with a more traditional Outhouse for holding Toilet Paper in the bathroom. Keep in mind, you could also put this in your "real" Outhouse. We now ship this model with the moon cut in the door instead of the sides.

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