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Outhouse Kleenex Box Dispenser  Kleenex goes here  Kleenex Box Insert
Order an Outhouse Kleenex Dispenser
Price: $41.99 USD
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Total Price (including shipping): $66.99 USD
A lot of work goes into this product and it shows!
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         Each one that we make literally takes hours to build due to the number of cuts and the sanding that is required. It is well worth the price we are asking. Each one is also unique because of the natural grain characteristics of our wood...AND...they are Made in the U.S.A.
        Outhouse Kleenex Box Dispensers have been requested for some time. We talked to our woodworking genius and he came up with this great looking Kleenex box dispenser. Imagine the looks on your guests' faces when they see this in your Outhouse or Bathroom! This item is well constructed of the finest materials. We use 3/4" Pine so it is built to stand up to anything! The workmanship is fantastic!
        We use 1/4" plywood to construct the seat and the piece in front of the seat (the "insert"). Both pieces are grooved the same as the outside of the current outhouse toilet paper holder that we well. There is a 2 1/8" round hole in the top of the seat, routered and sanded it so it's smooth, for the Kleenex to come out. The complete insert is removable to allow the Kleenex box to be inserted. The insert is held in place to two small pieces of wood on the side that sit down inside a bracket.
        There isn't a toilet set on the top; just a round hole, the way the outhouse was on the farm where he grew up. The best part is that the door actually works. You can even use the small wood bar to "lock" it shut.
        The insert unfinished, just like the Outhouse Toilet Paper holder so you can either paint or stain it the color you want or polyurethane it. The moon is now cut in the door instead of the sides to make it more realistic! You and your guests will love this addition to your home or outhouse.

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