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Do you take a lot of digital pictures?

In the “old” days, people used 35 mm cameras with film. The film was developed and the negatives and photos were returned to the picture taker by the photo lab. Those days are pretty much gone.

Today, everyone has a digital camera or cell phone that takes digital pictures. What do you do with all those digital pictures? Most people copy them to their computer’s hard drive and forget about them. Did you know that you could lose all your priceless pictures if a computer virus attacks your PC or a hard disk drive crash occurs?

That’s where we come in. We will come out and evaluate your needs. Then we will make a recommendation to you about backing up your data onto an external drive. We will use an external drive dedicated to you and store it off site in a fireproof container. We will then schedule periodic incremental backups to make sure all your latest photos and data are backed up.

Should your computer crash, after you get it repaired, we will restore your pictures and data for you.

If you buy a new computer, we will restore your pictures and data for you after you get the computer running.

It’s well worth the price to have your data backed up by us.

What about all thos “Cloud Backup” companies you ask? Well, do you really want to figure out how to restore your files from them? It’s kind of like trying to work on your own transmission after it goes out. It’s not worth the hassle. Let an expert rebuild it and let an expert take care of your backups and keep your data safe.

We are located in the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan area and can service a 25 mile range.

  • Voice Mail / FAX: (206) 984-9538
  • Voice: (747) 999-5537

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